Alliance Games

In these Games, there will be twenty-eight tributes. There will also be fourteen pairs. Two tributes selected randomly will have a rope tied around their backs, keeping them together, and allowing them to go eight feet apart. They aren't allowed to kill their partner, because if they do, the Gamemakers will send mutts to kill them. They can't break the rope, either. If their partner dies, they can still move, but the dead body of their partner is still going to be attatched. There can be two victors if they are attatched together, but otherwise, only one. Alliances are allowed, but you can't ask them to kill the other tribute, or you and the person who wanted to make the deal with you will die. There will be lots of twists. Enjoy the Games!


1. Don't use tributes that have been used in my Games, but you can use tributes that have been used in other Games.

2. Make your tribute realistic. (Example below.)

3. Your tribute can't be perfect. Provide around the same number of weaknesses as strengths.

4. Don't ask for another tribute to be your partner. I'll make sure it won't happen.

5. Don't complain if your tribute dies. It's nothing personal, and I have a long list of dead tributes.

6. Two tributes apiece.

7. Have fun, and don't always act so serious and stuff. This wiki is made for fun, right?

Tribute Template









Good Post

Name: Pamela Moss

Age: 17

District: 4

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue eyes, Long blond hair, Tan skin

Weapons: Sword, Knives

Skills: Swimming, Physical Strength

Weaknesses: Tree Climbing, Speer

Bad Post

Name: Pam

Age: 19

District: 4

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pretty

Weapons: Axe, Mace, Knives, Sword, Bow and Arrows, Club, Katana, Spear, Trident, Slingshot

Skills: Everything

Weaknesses: None


Male Female
Capitol Luke Torres, 16 Riella Grace, 16
1 Bronze Platinum, 17 Star Prope, 17
2 Cholo Werdair, 18 Henna Morasca, 18
3 Gary Richman, 13 Ella Flashman, 17
4 Finn Dylan, 17 Karen Moriharu, 18
5 Pamline Falcon, 17 Demi Campbell, 14
6 James Grant, 15 Janett Branch, 17
7 Johnny Grey, 15 Cedar Chase, 15
8 Logan Waterson, 18 Skyler Kim, 15
9 Alex Donaque, 13 Lexi Poisonsong, 16
10 Gunner Pann, 15 Fallon Marsop, 14
11 Malik Payne, 17 Colette Emeline "Cole" Frasier, 15
12 Drake Dust, 17 Olivia Bridge, 16
13 Kallum Briget, 15 Lily Sunne, 18

The Arena

No one guessed the arena, so I'll tell you. It was a casino!


If you submitted one tribute, you have 300 dollars. If you submitted two tributes, you should have 500 dollars.


Highest Training Score: 150 dollars

Second Highest: 100 dollars

Third Highest: 75 dollars

Fourth Highest: 50 dollars

Fifth Highest: 25 dollars

There were a few ties, so tributes with 10's get 125 extra dollars, and 9's get 50.

Favorite At Interview: 150 dollars

Second Favorite: 100 dollars

Third Favorite 75 dollars

Fourth Favorite: 50 dollars

Fifth Favorite: 25 dollars

Favorite at Performance: 150 dollars

Second Favorite: 100 dollars

Third Favorite: 75 dollars

Fourth Favorite: 50 dollars

Fifth Favorite: 25 dollars

Kill: 40 dollars

Two Kills In One Day: 110 dollars

Top 18: 30 dollars

Top 12: 50 dollars

Top 8: 80 dollars

Top 4: 100 dollars

Top 2: 130 dollars


Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 110 dollars

Bow and Arrow (comes with 8 arrows): 110 dollars

Extra Arrows (6): 40 dollars

Knives (4): 100 dollars

Knives (6): 130 dollars

Dagger: 70 dollars

Axe: 110 dollars

Trident: 150 dollars

Slingshot (comes with 8 stones): 80 dollars

Extra Stones (10): 50 dollars

Club: 90 dollars

Mace: 100 dollars

Shuriken: 80 dollars

Nunchuks: 70 dollars

Tomahawk: 90 dollars

Javelin: 80 dollars

Blowgun (comes with 6 darts and 1 poison container): 100 dollars

Extra Darts (6): 40 dollars

Extra Poison: 40 dollars

Food and Beverages

Gallon of Water: 50 dollars

Half Gallon of Water: 30 dollars

Quart of Water: 20 dollars

Pint of Water: 10 dollars

Quart of Milk: 15 dollars

Chicken Legs (3): 40 dollars

Thanksgiving Feast (Whole chicken, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Pumpkin Pie): 150 dollars

Turkey: 50 dollars

Pasta Dinner: 80 dollars


Bandages: 60 dollars

Flu Medicine: 70 dollars

Burn Medicine: 90 dollars

Cut Medicine: 40 dollars

Antipoison: 100 dollars

Sling: 70 dollars


Blanket: 60 dollars

Sleeping Bag: 70 dollars

Backpack: 50 dollars

Matches (12): 30 dollars

Tent: 140 dollars

Iodine: 70 dollars

Jacket: 60 dollars

Shoes: 40 dollars

Hiking Boots: 80 dollars

Other Things

To detatch from their deceased partner: 450 dollars

Name Money
FinnickForever 735
Dagbid247365 690
2legit2quit 625
Thena.airice14 640
Cloveismywife 45
Epic Hobo 30
District 33 600
Zakel 600
Aquastar4infinfity 575
IHeartHungerGames 170
Aniju Aura 280
Katniss should have died
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 300
Nate777 340
Wikia Contributer A 350


Pair Number Tribute A Tribute B
1 Ella (3) Luke (C)
2 Johnny (7) Karen (4)
3 Olivia (12) Riella (C)
4 Bronze (1) James (6)
5 Skyler (8) Finn (4)
6 Cole (11) Janett (6)
7 Kallum (13) Star (1)
8 Demi (5) Logan (8)
9 Henna (2) Lexi (9)
10 Cholo (2) Lily (13)
11 Pamline (5) Malik (11)
12 Gunner (10) Alex (9)
13 Fallon (10) Drake (12)
14 Cedar (7) Gary (3)

All of these were from, even Pair 7, which has both of Thena.airice14's tributes.

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score Betting Odds
Luke Torres 4 0
Riella Grace 3 0
Bronze Platinum 9 0
Star Prope 9 0
Cholo Werdair 8 0
Henna Morasca 10 1-1
Gary Richman 6 0
Ella Flashman 8 0
Finn Dylan 9 0
Karen Moriharu 10 0
Pamline Falcon 6 0
Demi Campbell 5 0
James Grant 4 0
Janett Branch 7 0
Johnny Grey 5 0
Cedar Chase 5 1-1
Logan Waterson 6 0
Skyler Kim 3 0
Alex Donaque 7 0
Lexi Poisonsong 6 0
Gunner Pann 10 0
Fallon Marsop 9 0
Malik Payne 6 0
Colette Emeline Frasier 7 0
Drake Dust 7 0
Olivia Bridge 3 0
Kallum Briget 4 0
Lily Sunne 5 0


Here, I'll put up days 1 and 2. In the morning of Day 2, the partners will be announced. The trainers recommend that they train with their partner, and see what they can do. On Day 3, I will have one tribute's perspective as they see the training scores on their floor. (Reapings, Train Rides, and Opening Ceremonies will not be in here, but will be mentioned.)

Day 1

Gunner Pann: District 10

The 90th Hunger Games Victory Tour is happening, and Camilla Averson, like, came back to life or something. I'm still a little dazed on that part. Anyway, Remus, the Head Trainer with bandages on his foot is droning on about safety rules and not ignoring the survival stations. I remembered that the girl from 1 drank poisonous water and died. I wondered if we could tell if water was safe to drink. "And we're happy to include the Capitol in these Games, and enjoy!" I immediately run over to the Careers and start throwing knives at dummies, and Cholo and Star are contemplating over whether they should let me in. I look at them, and they're all either seventeen or eighteen, and I'm fifteen. But, my three brothers that were in previous Games were pretty strong and one placed fourth in a Games. Finn walked over to me and said, "We might not have an alliance this year because of the ropes. If a few of us get paired up, we may be able to, but it's not looking too good. And, we can't make killing deals, which stinks." "We'll still train together," Henna stated. "We could learn lots of strategies from each other." "Okay!" I'm excited, and I am the first one of my family to join the Careers. "Come on!" Karen yells. I looked at Bronze and hoped that I wouldn't die here.

Olivia Bridge: District 12

Lexi and I had met up earlier and planned an alliance. "So, wanna go to the camouflage station?" she asked me. "Sure," I responded. I realized that her and the District 9 female from the 90th Games were both skilled with poisons. "Do you think that our partners will let us go to each other?" I ask Lexi. "Not if they're a Career. There are like seven of them, since the boy from 10 joined them." We started painting to match the background, a snowy place with lots of trees. I lay in the snow to remind myself of home and paint my body white. "Remus!" "Yes, Olivia?" "Can you take my picture when I finish?" "No," he responded. "Fine. Atala!"

Logan Waterson: District 8

Lunch begins, and I sit at a table by myself. Most of the other tributes are doing the same thing, except for the Careers and a few two or three person alliances. I'd eat with my partner tomorrow, but for now, I wonder who would be my partner. I look around the room, and I had no idea who I'll be best with. Janett is across the room doing just fine, talking to Luke from the Capitol, and the she faints. Gasps sound through the room, and Riella yells at Luke. The Careers are laughing, and Karen stands up and says, "What a wimp! Oh..." her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed and the Careers were gaping. I saw James running up to Janett, and there was silence across the room. Johnny slumps over from his chair and onto the ground, and people are going bezerk. Cedar is knocked over when Malik goes out, and she manages to get him off. Alex tries to help the bodies on the floor get up, and Cole and Drake are asking each other who did this. Cedar flops over a chair, and there are five people down. Bronze topples out, and I run over to a corner and talk to Cole and Drake. "Are they dead?" I ask. "I checked Johnny's pulse, and he's still living," Cole said. "Let's hope it doesn't happen to us," Drake says. "I have no idea how this-" Cole fainted in the middle of her sentence, and this was the opposite of calm. Pamline fell out of a low window into the Training Center. Demi was panicking, and looked at the unconscious, midair Pamline. There were trainers and Peacekeepers all holding a trampoline thing, and he didn't hit the floor. Janett, Karen, Johnny, Malik, Cedar, Cole, Bronze, and Pamline were all knocked out, and calling this chaos would be the understatement of the week.

Riella Grace: The Capitol

The Trainers gather us in a room and start talking to us. Atala begins speaking. "As you know, eight of you have fainted." Kallum falls onto the floor. "Make that nine. Anyway, Tax and Remus put a berry related to nightlock into your food to cause drama, blaming, grudges, so on." "You mean that berry Foxhead ate?" Star asked rudely. "She has a name," Demi told her. "What is it, then?" "Finch Crossley." Demi responded. "Oh." Star said. "Stupid." Henna told her. "At least I didn't act like an idiot at the reaping." "Wait, how did you..." "Cholo." Star said. Henna stared at Cholo, and Atala interrupted their fight. "Anyway, Pamline fell out of a window, and he could've gotten hurt, if I didn't save him in time. So Tax and Remus are going to apologize to you." "No!" their voices rang together. "Okay, they're not going to. But they're all fine, it just knocked them out for about five hours. "What about their training?" I ask. "Training is cancelled for today, and the bozos over there are going to carry the unconscious tributes back to their hotel floors." The four conscious Careers look at the Gamemakers, and they tell them they would wrestle tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous for them. Remus would get another injury if he wasn't careful.

Day 2

James Grant: District 6

"So they wanted even more drama?" Janett asks me. "Yep, and you were the first of nine people to faint." "I personally think that wasn't too smart." she replies. "Now I'm going to find Luke and we'll see who our partners are." Remus and Tax gathered us all together, and opened the board up. There were gasps, oohs, and aahs, as everyone looked at the board. I was paired with Bronze from 1. That could be either good or bad. He walked over to me and tells me to get training. He and I walk over to the Spears station. "Can we check out the Archery station?" I ask politely. "Look, if you want to learn what I know, then let me teach you." He throws a spear straight through the head of the dummy. "Your turn." he said. I throw it, and it lands on the dummy's leg. "Throw it with force. Try to slice the dummy in half. I throw it again and it lands just above the dummy's hip. "Better," Bronze told me.

Henna Morasca: District 2

"I got the reaping on tape!" Cholo says for the billionth time. "Shut up about the reaping." I say forcefully. I remember the reaping. I was sitting in the girls' section and the escort called "Henna Morasca". I was half asleep because I stayed up all night, knowing that I would volunteer. I was excited for the Games. I would've volunteered in the 90th Games, but Eva beat me. Anyway, I said, "I vol-volunteer as-as trib, uh, tribute." or something like that and walked up to the stage. I'm just glad they didn't show the reapings on the train ride this year. I look at the pairing chart, and my name is by Lexi from Nine's. I walk over to her and grab her by the back of her collar. "Can we train with Olivia and her partner?" "If you, Olivia, and her partner agree to do the stations I want to do, then yes. "Olivia! She's letting us ally!" Olivia comes over with Riella, the girl from the Capitol. The four of us walk to the knives station with James and Bronze and I think that the Careers would be nicer to the non-Careers these Games.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

A whole bunch of people ate with the Careers, since none of the Careers were paired. Luke, Ella, Janett, and Cole were all in an alliance, and I ate with Malik. We hadn't known each other for long, but we were already great friends. "So Pamline, who do you live with?" "I have a live with a brother and a sister, and my parents work a lot, so we don't see them much." "Okay, I live with my mom, sister, and grandfather." "I heard that you fell from a window." Malik states. "I did too. I can't remember it, though. My arm was a little injured, but I think it's fixed now." The waiter comes by and gives a huge bowl of lamb stew, and Malik and I stuff our faces in it, slurping up every delicious bite.

Lexi Poisonsong: District 9

"So," Olivia asks, her mouth filled with raddish soup. "What are you guys doing for Performance?" "I think Finn and I are going to do a danger act, and what exactly we're doing, we can't tell you," Bronze says. "I might do a magic act." Riella says. She tosses a penny in the air, catches it, opens her hands with a nickel, put it in the other hand, and there are five nickels. "That's amazing!" I say. "I'll be your assistant!" Henna says excitedly. "Do you vol-volunteer as-as assis, uh, as assistant?" Cholo says as he giggles to himself. "You're gonna be my first kill." Henna says jokingly.

Fallon Marsop: District 10

Edo, the trainer in martial arts, was fighting Drake. She is on top of him, but he escapes, and kicks her kneecap, and it goes back and forth for a while. I sit down patiently looking at a plant encyclopedia. "Time's up!" Edo says. "Next!" I walk to her, and the match begins. She kicks my gut, and I do a takeout, and she's down. She gets up again, and she walks around me and attacks we're down on the floor, and I stand up. She gives a punch, but I block and punch her back. After that, I grabbed her arm and twisted it around so that she'd be facing the ground, and then I kicked her again, and I think I won. BEEP! "Good job, Fallon!" Edo tells me. "Thank you!" Drake's looking happy about his pair.

Cholo Werdair: District 2

Our mentors agreed that Districts 1 and 4 could eat with us. Karen and Star are talking to Henna. "Finn is so hot!" I hear Henna say. "You make such a cute couple! Ask him out!" Karen says. "What if he says no?" Henna asks. "Then sock his face!" Star says. "No!" Karen says. "You still may have a chance!" I can't help but giggle a bit. Henna walks to the other side of the wall and sees me. "CHOLO!" all three of them yell together. I still can't help but laugh.

Day 3

Gary Richman: District 3

"Ella! Come on, the training scores are coming on in a second!" I yell. "Coming," she says calmly. I wanted to see how Cedar and I did, since we'd be tied together in the arena. The Capitol was up first. A 4 for the boy and a 3 for the girl. Not surprising. Both of the tributes from 1 had nines, and the boy from 2 had an eight, which was surprisingly low. The girl has a 10, and we were up next. I felt bad about it. I sliced up a few dummies with a sword. I got a 6. It wasn't the best, but better than others. Ella got an 8, the same score as Cholo. Finn gets a nine, and Karen gets a ten. Most of the scores were mediocre, except for a few sevens and the tributes from 10 got a nine and ten. The boy was a Career, but I still don't know how the girl did so well. Anyway, I guess I was straight in the middle. I'd have to prepare myself for the interview and performance. "Don't leave your shoes on the floor!" our escort screaches. She'd reach down to pick it up, but she was wearing a rediculous outfit that could destroy a building every time it moved. I run into my room figuring out answers to any question that Eric Roller, the interviewer, would ask me.


This is like a talent show. Your tribute must have a talent to show the Gamemakers and the Capitol audience. These will be held the day after training finishes. Put in your tribute's talent and all the tributes that don't will be dressed in clothes that even the Capitol would think are crazy and they're forced to work the curtains, lights, and stereo.

Ideas (Tributes can team up, but the money will be split if they get any.)










About everything on America's Got Talent (Except for those gross Sideshow Acts. They're disgusting.)


Star- Gymnastics

Kallum- Technology

Riella and Henna- Magic Act

Finn and Bronze- Danger Act

Alex- Monologue/One Man Play

Drake- Juggling

Fallon- Singing

Logan- Comedy

Demi- Singing

Gunner- Comedy

Skyler- Painting the Head Gamemaker (aka me)

Cholo- Comedy

Johnny- Dancing

Malik- Dancing

Gary- Dancing

Ella- Complex Machine

Lily- Singing

Lexi- Comedy


Riella Grace: The Capitol

Cindy Flickerman: So Riella, how have you enjoyed training so far?

Riella: It's amazing, but scary at the same time.

CF: How do you like your partner, Olivia?

Riella: She's a wonderful person, and I hope we can both win.

CF: Jow do you feel about going into the Games?

Riella: I'm scared, but I know I can do well.

CF: If there's one thing you can say to your family, what would you say?

Riella: I'll be home soon, and I hope you support me!

CF: That's all the time we have for you, so we'll introduce our next tribute, Luke Torres!

Luke Torres: The Capitol

CF: Luke! It's a pleasure to see you here!

Luke: Thank you, Cindy!

CF: So Ella is your partner?

Luke: Yes, and she is great to be around and I'm glad I was paired with her.

CF: So do you think that you can win this?

Luke: Well, we'll have to see!

CF: Are you looking forward to the performances?

Luke: I may...

CF: Well, that's all we have time for, and we'll go on to our tributes from District 1!

Star Prope: District 1

CF: Star, how do you feel about going into these Games?

Star: Well, my partner Kallum is very smart, so that would help along the way, and I will win for my sister Galaxie!

CF: So will there be a Career alliance this year?

Star: We'll see once we get into the arena. It's not looking likely, but alliances with around two Careers seem possible.

CF: Do you plan to win?

Star: Duh.

CF: How did you feel about being reaped into the Games?

Star: I felt overwhelmed, but I knew I would enjoy it.

CF: Next up is Bronze Platinum!

Bronze Platinum: District 1

CF: Bronze, are you nervous about the Games?

Bronze: A bit, but I have confidence that I can win.

CF: How do you feel about James, your partner?

Bronze: I didn't know how I felt at first, but we shared lots of strategies, and I think we can do well in the arena.

CF: Where are your biggest strengths?

Bronze: I'll keep that a secret.

CF: Who do you think are the biggest threats in the arena?

Bronze: Probably the other Careers, and other tributes look strong too, like Janett from 6.

CF: Thank you Bronze, and our next tribute is here, Henna Morasca!

Henna Morasca: District 2

CF: So, what do you think of the Capitol?

Henna: I think it's a beautiful place, and I wish I could stay here longer.

CF: What do you think about the Games?

Henna: Well, I've been training for them my entire life, I mean, uhh, it's fun.

CF: And your partner, Lexi?

Henna: She's amazing, she wanted to ally with Olivia and Riella, so we have them with a few other Careers.

CF: And I heard that there may be someone special on your mind? Romantically?

Henna: We'll see about that in the arena!

CF: And Cholo will be here next!

Cholo Werdair: District 2

CF: How do you feel about these Games?

Cholo: I'm very excited for them, and I hope they continue these in the future.

CF: So for your training score, you got an 8. The average training score for District 2 males is 9.80. How do you feel about it?

Cholo: Well, I'm disappointed, but I know I will do better in the Games.

CF: Do you think that District 2 will be proud?

Cholo: Yes. A few months ago, Malecai Gerama placed second, so I think I can relive his moment and win the Hunger Games.

CF: And does Lily seem like a good partner?

Cholo: She's okay, and I think we can do well together.

CF: We'll have the tributes from District 3 next!

Ella Flashman: District 3

CF: Hello, Ella!

Ella: Hi, Cindy!

CF: So, how did you feel when you were reaped?

Ella: Oh, I was scared, but I got a lot of support from friends and family, so I felt like I could actually have a chance.

CF: Is training going well?

Ella: Other than nine people collapsing on the floor, yes.

CF: Tell us about that incident.

Ella: Well, it was crazy. Janet from 6 was eating with Luke, who's now my partner. Anyway, she collapsed, and people started blaming each other. Karen and Johnny did too, and so did a few others. Then, Pamline fell out a window, and almost got hurt. There was a sleeping berry in our food, so most of us felt a bit dazed if we didn't fall.

CF: That's a crazy event that happened. Now, we'll go over to Gary Richman!

Gary Richman: District 3

CF: So Gary, what did you think when you were on the train to the Capitol

Gary: I was scared, but I had to stay calm so I could gain more confidence for the Games.

CF: And in training, who did you train with?

Gary: I trained with Cedar the second day because she was my partner, and I think that she's very strong.

CF: How do you feel about being in the Games?

Gary: I was nervous because I didn't want to lose.

CF: What would you say to your family if you could talk to them again?

Gary: I miss you guys, and I hope I can see you after the Games are over!

CF: District 4 is up next!

Karen Moriharu: District 4

CF: Hello, Karen!

Karen: It's such a pleasure to meet you!

CF: Well thank you! Now what motivated you to volunteer?

Karen: As you know, I am eighteen. I want to join the Games, because if I didn't volunteer, I'd never be in the Games!

CF: Well, I'm glad you could participate, and tell us about the chariot rides.

Karen: In the chariot rides, Finn and I were dressed in swimsuits and we hopped in a small lake on the chariot, and we were the favorites, I think.

CF: And how do you feel about being paired with Johnny?

Karen: He's good.

CF: Well, on to our next tribute, Finn Dylan!

Finn Dylan: District 4

CF: So Finn, a nine in training? That's impressive!

Finn: Yes, I'm happy I got it, and I'm looking forward ot these Games!

CF: And your partner, Skyler, what do you think about her?

Finn: She is an amazing girl, and I think we'll work well as a team.

CF: What was your favorite part of training?

Finn: Probably the trident station

CF: And is there something between you and Henna?

Finn: Possibly.

CF: And next is Demi Campbell, followed by Pamline Falcon!

Demi Campbell: District 5

CF: So Demi, you looked scared during the reapings.

Demi: I was. But then our escort comforted me, and I felt fine afterwards.

CF: And is Logan a good partner?

Demi: Of course! He's amazing with a variety of weapons, and I know that we'll do well.

CF: In training, what was your favorite station?

Demi: Probably the snares. It was very nice and peaceful there, and they were fun to build.

CF: And I heard that you and your mentor trained together a lot on your floor?

Demi: Yes, Camilla is the nicest person around, and I hope I can see her again.

CF: Thank you for the interview, Demi, and onto the next tribute, Pamline Falcon!

Pamline Falcon: District 5

CF: Hi Pamline!

Pamline: Hello.

CF: So, I heard you fell out a window in training.

Pamline: I was unconscious when it happened, so I had no idea what was going on.

CF: And what happened during your reaping?

Pamline: Well, inside my head, I was like 'AHH! I'M GONNA DIE!' but then I calmed down once we got on the train.

CF: And your odds of winning are 14-1. Do you see that as good or bad?

Pamline: Well, I think it's a good mediocre odd. I'm not seen as a threat, but I still have a chance.

CF: It's been a pleasure talking to you, and we have the tributes from 6 next!

Janett Branch: District 6

CF: Good afternoon, Janett!

Janett: Thank you!

CF: So, you and Cole are planning to ally with Luke and Ella?

Janett: That's the plan.

CF: And your training score can't be ignored. A seven. A girl from District 6 hasn't got that high since the 44th Hunger Games.

Janett: Well, it pays off to work hard! I hope it reflects my performance in the Games!

CF: And are you happy with your alliance?

Janett: Of course! We're from the Capitol, 3, 6, and 11, making a lot of diversity in the group. I'm sure we can win!

CF: And James is next!

James Grant: District 6

CF: Hello, James!

James: Good afternoon.

CF: How do you feel about these Games?

James: I think it's a good opportunity to create new friends, and I hope I can go home to District 6.

CF: And your four in training. How did that happen?

James: I didn't do so well, but that won't happen in the Games.

CF: And what would you say to your family if you could?

James: Hi mom, hi dad, I miss you, and I'll see you soon!

CF: Up next is District 7!

Cedar Chase: District 7

CF: So, Cedar, how have the past few days been?

Cedar: Pretty good, actually.

CF: I'm glad to hear so. Do you think that you can win the Games?

Cedar: Well, my odds are 19-1, but I think I can surprise a few people.

CF: And what do you think of the Capitol?

Cedar: Oh, it's a very nice place, and I wish I could stay longer. It's so colorful!

CF: And are you and Gary working well as a team?

Cedar: Yes, and I think we have a shot at winning!

CF: Okay, up next is Johnny Grey!

Johnny Grey: District 7

CF: Johnny, tell us what has been going through your mind during the past few days.

Johnny: Well, I volunteered for the Games. I'm excited about going in the arena, and I know I can win!

CF: And where are your biggest strengths?

Johnny: Well, I can't give that away, can I?

CF: Is Karen a good partner?

Johnny: I think she is, and we'll make a great team.

CF: I hope that you enjoy the Games!

Johnny: Thank you, Cindy.

CF: District 8 is up next!

Skyler Kim: District 8

CF: Hi Skyler!

Skyler: Hi Cindy.

CF: What do you think of the Capitol?

Skyler: It's such an amazing place, and the views are amazing!

CF: What was your favorite part of training?

Skyler: Probably the camouflage station.

CF: Where do your biggest strengths lie?

Skyler: People are surprised how much I know about weapons.

CF: Thank you Skyler, and we have Logan Waterson next!

Logan Waterson: District 8

CF: Logan, how do you feel about the twist to the Games?

Logan: I think it's great and Demi is a realiable partner.

CF: When you were reaped, how did you feel?

Logan: My first thoughts were oh shoot, I'm gonna die, but I calmed down after a while.

CF: What do you like best about the Capitol?

Logan: Well, probably the elevators. *laughs from the audience*

CF: Really? Why?

Logan: What's not to love? You get views of the city that I've never seen before.

CF: Well thank you, Logan. We have Lexi Poisonsong next!

Lexi Poisonsong: District 9

CF: Lexi, how do you feel, being in the Games?

Lexi: It's scary, but I'm going to do the best I can.

CF: What is your favorite part about the Capitol?

Lexi: Probably the food. The brisket soup is delicious.

CF: I agree. And how do you feel about Henna, your partner, and one of the three people who received a ten in training?

Lexi: She has a good chance of winning, and I want to stay like that with me.

CF: Do you know what to expect with the new twist?

Lexi: No personal space.

CF: And Andrew Donaque is next!

Andrew Donaque: District 9

CF: Good afternoon, Andrew!

Andrew: Good afternoon, Cindy.

CF: Are you looking forward to the Games?

Andrew: Kind of.

CF: Andrew, tell us about your reaping.

Andrew: Well, Lexi was reaped, and the escort twirled her hand in the bowl for a while, making everyone scared, and she took out my name, and my first thoughts were that I would die, but I've gaiend confidence since then.

CF: And tell me, you are thirteen, and the youngest tribute here. Is that a disadvantage?

Andrew: It depends. I'm probably better at things like climbing trees and hiding, but not hand-to-hand and things like that.

CF: Thank you, and District 10 weill be here next.

Fallon Marsop: District 10

CF: Hello, Fallon!

Fallon: Hi Cindy.

CF: How do you feel about your partner, Drake?

Fallon: He is very talented, and it will help us in the arena.

CF: What has been your favorite part of being in the Capitol?

Fallon: I liked the chariot rides. They were so colorful, and all of Panem got to see me.

CF: And you received a nine in training, the same as both tributes from District 1. What did you do to impress the Gamemakers?

Fallon: All I can say is that I handled a certain weapon pretty well.

CF: Thank you for the interview, and Gunner is next!

Gunner Pann: District 10

CF: Gunner, three of your brothers have been in the Games before you. Will you do better than them?

Gunner: I know I will. I've watched my brothers in their Games, so I have some strategies on my side.

CF: And a ten! That's the highest score, tied with Henna and Karen. How did you manage that?

Gunner: Like I said, I have a few strategies.

CF: Are you looking forward to the performance?

Gunner: No, I'm afriad I won't do too well.

CF: Well, I think you'll do fine.

Gunner: Thank you, Cindy.

Cindy: Colette Emeline Frasier is up next!

Colette Emeline Frasier: District 11

CF: Hi, Colette Emeline!

Cole: Please, call me Cole.

CF: Okay Cole, what has been your favorite part of being in the Capitol?

Cole: I like going into training. I was able to practice for the Games, and it calmed me down that I wouldn't go in with no skills at all.

CF: And you are partners with Janett?

Cole: Yes. She is a very athletic person, and she was allied with Luke, so he and Ella will be with us, and I think we'll make a good bunch.

CF: And tell us how you would feel if you won.

Cole: I would be overwhelmed, and so happy that I could see my family again.

CF: Thank you Cole, and Malik is the next tribute!

Malik Payne: District 11

CF: Malik, did you enjoy training?

Malik: It was very exciting, but I didn't like that I fainted.

CF: I heard about that. Are you and Pamlne good partners?

Malik: Yes, and I'm glad I as paired with him.

CF: Are you ready for the performance?

Malik: I think I've got everything down.

CF: What would you say to your parents if you could talk to them now?

Malik: Hi mom, hi dad, I miss you guys, and I'll try to win for you.

CF: Districts 12 and 13 are happening next!

Olivia Bridge: District 12

CF: Hi, Olivia!

Olivia: Good evening, Cindy!

CF: How have you been enjoying the past few days?

Olivia: I've been extremely scared, but I think I can handle this.

CF: And you are tied to two other people for having the lowest training score. How does that make you feel?

Olivia: I hope that doesn't reflect how I do in the Games, and I didn't do my best there.

CF: And you are in a rather large alliance. Do you think it will work out. As long as no one gets tied up, then yes. *laughs from the audience*

CF: Thank you! Next we have Drake Dust!

Drake Dust: District 12

CF: Drake, how do you feel about the Capitol?

Drake: It's very nice here, and the food is amazing!

CF: Why the food?

Drake: Normally, in District 12, we don't have food this good.

CF: And your seven in training was impressive!

Drake: I know I can do well. I'm going to win for District 12!

CF: I heard that you and Fallon are pretty good at hand-to-hand. Is that true?

Drake: She's better than I am, but I'm still okay.

CF: Now, the last District is coming up, District 13!

Lily Sunne: District 13

CF: Hello, Lily!

Lily: Hi Cindy!

CF: Lily, the girl from thirteen died first in the last Hunger Games. Will that happen again?

Lily: Not on my watch!

CF: Well, I can see you are a very strong girl. Do you think you can be District 13's first victor?

Lily: Yes, I do!

CF: In training, what was your favorite station?

Lily: I liked the outdoor rock climbing. That was fun because the people in the Capitol got to watch, and it was a new thing for me. There aren't very many rock walls in 13!

CF: Thank you Lily, and the last tribute of the day will come up, Kallum Briget of District 13!

Kallum Briget: District 13

CF: Kallum! It's a pleasure to have you here!

Kallum: Thank you, Cindy!

CF: What do you think about your partner, Star?

Kallum: She is amazing, and very agile.

CF: And what do you think of the twist?

Kallum: I'm glad that two people can win, because you don't have to worry about another tribute trying to kill you, and have them on your side.

CF: Are you looking forward to the performances?

Kallum: Yes, and I hope I receivee some sponsor money.

CF: Well that wraps up the interviews today, and we'll see you again after a victor, or victors are crowned!

1st: Olivia Bridge

2nd: Logan Waterson

3rd: Lily Sunne

4th: Luke Torres

5th: Star Prope


I'm just going to put up the favorites now, and I won't go into detail of the performances.

1st: Drake Dust

2nd: Skyler Kim

3rd: Kallum Briget

4th: Ella Flashman

5th: Alex Donaque

The Games


Fallon Marsop: District 10

The Peacekeepers are putting the rope on me and Drake, and we are slammed into our tube, twice the normal size for the two of us. It takes us up, and we see a casino, and I look at Drake. "What should we run for?" I whisper. "There's a bow and arrow and a sword. You use bows, right?" "Yep," I reply. 45 seconds left.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

Star is fiddling with her token. She throws it towards Janett and Cole. Cole snatches it up, and takes it for herself. I can see the looks in some tributes' faces that they are ready to go. 30 seconds left.

Ella Flashman: District 3

The time ticks down as we try to find Janett and Cole. They must be on the opposite side of the Cornucopia. 15 seconds left.

Day 1 "Stupid pasta!" - Karen Moriharu

Bronze Platinum: District 1

Finn and Skyler were next to me and James. The time goes lower and lower. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. The Games begin. I grabbed a spear that was close to the Cornucopia, and followed Finn, Skyler, Lexi, and Henna over to another room, and Olivia and Riella weren't too far behind us.

Star Prope: District 1

Cholo and Karen made an alliance with me, and Gunner was supposed to, but he ran off. "Kallum! Get me some arrows!" He grabs five of them and gave them to me. I shoot one at Gunner's head, and he falls to the ground. I got the first kill!

Johnny Grey: District 7

Karen and I are running off for a second to make a few kills. The big alliance of 8 was running off, and I ran to them and and got a spear ready. I held it up in the air, and ran to the nearest pair, Olivia and Riella. I got my spear and threw it down at Riella's head. Olivia tried to tug her along to get some medicine, but she didn't manage to do it in time. Olivia runs away, and grabs something from the kitchen. A bowl of pasta. "That can't hurt anyone!" Karen yells. "Really?" Olivia asks. She throws it at Karen, and the glass smashed against her face, leaving cuts and bruises all around. "I can't see!" Karen screached. She grabbed her sword she managed to get and threw it at Olivia, and it hit her ankle. She screamed in pain. I tried to go after her, but I couldn't lug Karen around because she was pretty heavy, and wouldn't let me move her without a scream coming from her mouth. "Stupid pasta!" Karen yells.

Luke Torres: The Capitol

Ella runs for a wire and Janett and Cole meet up with us. "We need to go quickly." Janett says. A spear enters her back, and Cholo's laugh sounds. "Go!" Cole yells. The three of us sprint towards a conference room, as we watch as Karen runs arond blindly towards the bloodbath.

Lily Sunne: District 13

Cholo is practically throwing me around, trying to kill people. He throws a knife at Malik's chest, and Star slams a mace into Logan's throat. Fallon and Drake run around, and an arrow whizzes past Cholo's chest and into mine.

Kallum Briget: District 13

My district partner just died. Karen runs around in circles, and Star looks like she wants to kill her now. Karen's just going to slow us down. I throw a knife at Karen's heart, and I think she's dead. Star give me a look I think means, 'I wanted to kill her.' Johnny asks if he's still in the alliance, and I say yes before Star and Cholo can protest.


Skyler Kim: District 8

We made a camp in a room that gamblers stay in while visiting. We only lost one person, but we were doing fine. Oliva caught up to us after a while and started yelling about Riella and leaving her behind, and pasta, which I have no idea where that was brought up, but she calmed down, and the seven of us listened to the seven cannons, and that made us one third of all the tributes out there. Then, Finn and Henna continued to make out in the closet while Lexi and I sat there, utterly disgusted, on the other side of the door. James and Bronze were making sleeping schedules, and Olivia sprayed Riella's body with smell cleanser that she found in the bathroom. We had running water, but that was too dangerous to use without iodine, and even then, there may be rattling from wherever the water comes from. We could use some food and water.

Cholo Werdair: District 2

We are staying at the Cornucopia, and we had about eberything we needed. We lost Lily and Karen, but we'll be fine. We aren't doing much, just sitting around here, talking about our kills, as we each had at least one. Only one person was killed by someone who wasn't one of us, when Fallon killed Lily. There was a car in the main room, and they are only in the Capitol. I guess back then, they used them everywhere.

Alex Donaque: District 9

I have an injury on my foot, and I think it hit an artery. I'll need some medicine probably before tomorrow or the next day. I'm also near Cole, Ella, and Luke's alliance, and they keep complaining about how they don't have much food.

Fallon Marsop: District 10

Drake and I did fine, and we managed to get a few weapons. We don't need anything currently, and Drake and I were talking earlier that we needed to find more allies.

Gary Richman: District 3

Cedar and I are camping out by some slot machines. We may need some water, because our only sources are taken up by other tributes.

Demi Campbell: District 5

Pamline and I have allied. Our partners are both dead, and we talked about how many deaths we saw, and ate our food, dicussing strategies to win.

Day 2 "Oh crap," - Pamline Falcon

Ella Flashman: District 3

Someone's coming our direction. I think it's Alex from District 9. He's carrying a big machete. "Run!" I whisper. Cole, Luke and I run off to a pool area, where no one is staying now. Janett's body gets stuck in the door, and Alex is pounding on it like he's insane. "Cole! He's going to break the glass!" Luke yelled. Alex pounded the glass and started slashing at Cole. Her screams for life surrounded the air. "Go!" I shouted. Cole will be dead any minute now. Alex delivers a fatal stab to the heart. "Alex has really bad cuts, and he won't last long." Luke whispers. A second cannon reassures that. "Come on, before the Careers come."

Finn Dylan: District 4

I lean over, about to kiss Henna when we hear a bang on the outside. Skyler tugs on my rope, and we look at what happened. A goat steps into the door. "What is that? A unicorn?" Bronze asks. He runs to it and kicks it in the side, and it began to charge at him. Bronze and James both run back, and it runs at them, faster than goats normally run. James is shrieking and yelling at Bronze, and the "unicorn" throws them into the wall, and they look dazed. It goes again, and a cannon booms. Bronze is dead. It's running around the room running into random people. Olivia shrieks as it attacks her, and she's not going to make it without medicine. It turns its head towards Skyler and me. I jerk her out of the way, and it crashes against the door, and groans, about to charge again. Skyler yells histerically as it runs at us. It tackels Skyler to the floor, pulling me down also, and her cannon sounds. It jumps at me, but before it lands, Olivia shoots an arrow at its head. The goat fell to the floor, and we stared at Skyler and James. Olivia and James are all bruised up, and Lexi and Henna are gaping at what just happened. There were five of us left.

Demi Campbell: District 5

There have been a lot of cannons today. The Careers at the Cornucopia are discussing tactics to win, and who to kill, so on. "Kallum, we can planan attack on the other Careers, the ones that are alive." I hear a voice say. Probably Cholo. "Well there are four of us, and unless some of them died today, there are seven of them." Star says. "I think we should form an alliance. We'd be really strong, and I wouldn't be the only girl." "If they wanted an alliance, they would've stayed at the Cornucopia," Johnny states. "Maybe they didn't trust us because you and Karen chased them off." Kallum looks likehe wished he could swallow those words back. "Alright! Let's just sleep, and not talk about them. Some of them may have already parted, for all we know." Pamline and I looked at the ceiling, and saw the boy from One, which surprised the Careers here, the girl from Eight, who was allied with the other Careers, the boy from Nine was up, and the District Eleven girl was the last face in the sky. Johnny speaks up. "Wait, are those the tributes from 5?" "Oh crap," Pamline whispers.

Day 3 "Could you ally with us?" - Fallon Marsop

Luke Torres: The Capitol

Ella and I are sitting on a bench eating the turkey I got from sponsors as we talk about the tributes that died, and the unexpected death of the boy from 1. Then, a glass door shatters, and Pamline and Demi are running out, as if they were being chased. Demi looks like she may have some injuries. Then, Cholo bursts out, and Kallum, Johnny, and Star follow. "Run!" Pamline yells at us. The Careers are chasing all four of us now, and I'm not sure if I'll live through it. Ella's and my rope are starting to get tangled up, and it gets to the point where we start tripping over each other. Ella's screams fill the empty night, and Kallum puts a knife into my head.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

I grab Ella's hand and try to stand her up, and she manages to get running immediately. Malik's body seems heavier and heavier every step I take. The temperature of the air gets so cold you can see your breath. None of us are without injuries. Ella looks the best out of us, and she is half-carrying Demi along. The Careers are starting to get a bit tired, and that's the only reason we aren't dead meat. "Look," Demi says quietly. She points towards an obscured door at the side of the building, and we run inside. "This is where the power comes from!" I yell. "Ssh!" Ella says. We're all from 3 and 5, so we know about power and electricity. We stay there for a couple of minutes, trying to set up our belongings, and have a small meal. "Let's turn the temperature down at the Cornucopia!" I whisper. "Then, we can turn it up after the Careers leave, and take it for ourselves!" Ella says. Demi looks faint, and she might be that way for a few hours, if I had to guess. "Okay, the temperature should go to what?" "Negative ten degrees Farenheit." I respond. "Here it goes!" Ella says while twisting a knob.

Drake Dust: District 12

Fallon and I moved up to an office place, and we are starting to get a bit hungry. Then, a boy popped into view. "Duck! There's a tribute!" I say softly. A girl follows him in, and they're trying to untie themselves. They must've been through something dramatic. "Hi," Fallon whispers. "Could you ally with us?" "Sure," said the girl. My name's Cedar," she said timidly. The boy started untying himself, and introduced himself as Gary. "I'm Fallon and this is Drake," Fallon hands Cedar some food and water. "You must be starving," "We haven't had food since the first cannon yesterday." Gary states. "Thank you." We found two new allies, and have a stronger group.

Day 4 "It's locked!" - Ella Flashman

Star Prope: District 1

"Please?" I ask them. "No, we need to guard the supplies." Johnny responds. "Well District 7 is up north. You're used to it." Cholo says. "We can go to the other Careers. Then, we'll have an alliance of nine." "I'm staying here." Johnny says. I can tell that Kallum doesn't mind the cold, but he doesn't want to argue. "Well, I'm going, and Kallum is too." I jerk him up, and we walk off, followed by Cholo. It gets colder and colder, and we try to find a place to provide warmth. We grab a few weapons as we go. It's so tempting to kill him. I guess this is how awkward alliance seperations are.

Lexi Poisonsong: District 9

Henna and Finn are flirting around, and James and Olivia are talking about their home districts. I sat here, bored as ever, eating an apple. The door bursts open, and Cholo, Star, and Kallum come in. Olivia shoots an arrow, but misses, and whips a few hairs off of Cholo's head. "We want an alliance." Kallum says before someone gets hurt. "Sure, but no backstabbing, killing, so on. James says. "Why'd you leave the Cornucopia?" I ask. After a bit of explaining, we shared some food, and talked about our experiences. They told us about the tributes from 5, and we told them about the goat. We had a pretty good time, and now we have three more people on our side.

Fallon Marsop: District 10

We've gone down to sixteen tributes already. Cedar and I discuss escape strategies, while Drake and Gary talk about whatever boys talk about. "We could all go inside the closet if we hear anyone coming?" Cedar suggests. "They could look inside though, unless we had a key." "Good idea. Let's see if we can find one." "Get up, Drake! We're looking for a key." "Fine, I'll get up," he says reluctantly. Cedar speaks up. "By the looks of this keyhole, it has to be a large key." She began to look under desks, and Gary helped her. Drake and I looked over everything on the counter, but we found nothing. "They wouldn't put a closet in here for nothing, would they?" Drake asks. There was complete silence, and we heard some footsteps. Someone came running in, screaming. "Johnny!" Cedar yelled. He threw a spear at her, but missed terribly. He grabbed some of our knives and food, and sprinted off to wherever he was from.

Henna Morasca: District 2

The eight of us gathered some food together and Star and I were chatting about girl stuff, and we were all enjoying ourselves. Then, the door boomed open, and Johnny steps in with knives in his hands. Olivia and Lexi scream, and Finn tries to cover me, which I refuse to let him do. He grabs a knife and almost in slow-motion, it plants itself in Olivia's heart. She fell to the floor as a cannon boomed through the arena. I take the knife out of Olivia's head and throw it at him, but he dodges it, takes it, and buries it in James's head. He runs off, probably to the Cornucopia, and the six of us don't even bother to go after him.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

Demi is mostly better, but still a bit dazed, and Ella's looking at the camera that tracked what was going on outside of the power center. Guys, look. A boy, the one from 7, I think, is outside and we are worrying he will see the door. Utter silence filled the room as he walked by. He had a key in his hands, and put it in the keyhole, and we all were worried. I didn't even realize it had a keyhole. He turned it, and instead of running inside, he walked off. "What was that?" Ella asks. "He probably wanted in, but the key didn't unlock it, or, well, I just don't have any better clue than you do. Ella walks over to the door and tries to open it. "It's locked!"

Day 5 "Can you ally with us for a while?" - Cholo Werdair

Lexi Poisonsong: District 9

Henna and Finn finally stopped flirting and are now talking with Kallum, Cholo, Star, and I. "We could carve a hole out of the window and escape that way," Kallum contemplated. "Or," Cholo gets interrupted by the shatter of glass as a stone goes through and hits Kallum in the forehead. "It has words on it." Star says. "You six have made it though the halfway point. I want two of you to die before the night of Day 6. If not, I will come and attack like I did last time. I will watch where you go, and you don't want me to hurt you. Last time, two of you died, and I escaped with only a small bruise on my ankle. Sincerely, Johnny." "What a man bit-" I slapped my hand over Finn's mouth before he continued. "I know who I want to kill," Henna whispers, giving Cholo the evil eye. "Guys, we can't let Johnny ruin our alliance. He'll attack us anyway," Kallum states. "Right, let's look for other alliances. We can't stay here ourselves. Henna and I will go with Cholo, and Finn will go with Star and Kallum." I say. Henna looks like she's ready to kill me, either for putting her with Cholo, or without Finn, but too bad. Anyway, Star, Kallum, and Finn go left and Henna and I run after Cholo on the right.

Cedar Chase: District 7

"BURP" "Really, Drake?" Fallon asks him. "That Capitol drink, soda, makes me burp!" he replies. "Ssh!" Gary says, trying to make us duck. "Someone's coming." Three figures appear from the distance. "Well how do we know they want to kill Johnny more than they want to kill us?" A voice said. "We can offer them weapons and they'll be fine." "But what if they kill one of us?" "Then we kill one of them." I look at my alliance, and I think they all heard. Then, a drawer starts creaking outwards. Hopefully they don't see it. It's almost going to fall out. Fallon wants to put it up, but looks nervous at the same time. She taps it a bit, and three people come our way. We tried. Drake and I ready our weapons, and Gary looks extremely nervous. "Get out of there. We need to talk to you," a commanding female voice says. Star Prope appears with Kallum and Finn. "We're not going to hurt you." Finn says quietly. "Have you heard of Johnny Grey?" "He's my District partner. He attacked us yesterday." I say. Then you must not like him," Kallum says. "We're trying to team up and kill him." "Aren't there more Careers?" Drake asks. "Yes, they're looking for more people." Star says. That would be Pamline, Ella, and Demi if they're still together." "Let's head back to the camp and prepare." Finn says.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

"It's getting so hot in here," Ella complains. "We need fresh air. The cooling system isn't working in here." I took a look at Malik, Luke, and Logan's dead bodies. "We've made it pretty far," I say. "There's some more people coming into the camera view." Ella looks closely into it and tells what's going on. "It's the tributes from 2 and the girl from 9. Pamline, watch Demi. I'll try to ask them to find the key." "Hello!" Ella yells. I can hear Cholo's muffled voice from the other side of the door. "Can you ally with us for a while?" "Yes, but now's not the best time to talk about that. It's getting really hot, and we don't have a lot of food left. Look in the bushes." "Okay," Lexi says, on her hands and knees looking for it with Henna. After what seems like an hour, Henna finds the key and unlocks the door. "Thank you!" Demi says, as she dazes on about people and stuff. She's gone a bit crazy, like Wiress Jobs, or Annie Cresta. I'm surprised she can talk at all. "We need to go back around this way. If we go over there, we'll run into Johnny with only half of us." I state. "Come on," Henna says as she jerks Lexi, and they both pick up speed.

Kallum Briget: District 13

The other group comes into view, and we decide to make a plan. With thirteen of us against one, I'm sure he'll be dead by the time we're finished. Gary and Ella hug, and everyone is meeting with each other, and we talk for a bit. "Guys," Finn whispers. "We need a decent plan. There's no way we can just run off into him without us getting killed." "Gary, Ella and I will make sure it's safe. Finn, Henna, and Lexi will be the first ones up," Cedar said, followed by a small squeak by Lexi. Pamline piped up. "Then, I, Cholo, Star, Kallum, and Demi will be behind them." "And that leaves Drake and Fallon to go in the room behind him, and attack when he's not looking. I think this may be a little bit overreacted, just talking about one tribute, but I guess we should kill him anyway. It'll be closer to victory for us. "Now, Gary, Ella, Cedar, go up and make sure it's safe." The three of them looked shaken up, but did as they were told.

Cholo Werdair: District 2

"No traps, and he look vulnerable. Still sleeping." Ella whispers to Henna. Henna and Lexi walk up with Finn, and make the first row. Star, Kallum, Demi, and Pamline pulled me over to the second line, and I could faintly see Fallon telling us to go. Careful not to wake him, Henna inches towards him. He jerks awake and throws an axe into the line, and he barely misses me, and it buries itself in Demi's chest, and her face appeared in the sky seconds later.

Day 6 "I'm sorry!" - Ella Flashman

Fallon Marsop: District 10

An eerie silence fills the room as twelve of us stand, ready to fight Johnny at the Cornucopia. Cedar looks enraged, and Gary is trying to keep her back. He can't see Drake and I, so I guess that's good. Cholo throws something at him, but he must've been wearing armor. Johnny grabs a machete and throws it at Cholo, and now there are twelve of us left. He shoots an arrow at Kallum, and it enters his skull, and he falls over to his right. I guess Star and he were close. Tears fall from her face, and Johnny throws a spear at Lexi's neck. The rope connecting him and Karen snaps and he can run freely now. Drake and I run to attack him, and he seems occupied. There are still seven people trying to kill him. Star's knife defelcts off the armor and Drake and I tackle him to the ground. He's scratching at us, trying to get us away. I pull one way, and Drake another. Then, we run around him, and try to close the rope on his neck. He coughs, and he probably won't live. We let go, and he's still drowsy, and we don't know what to do. Then, the car from the other side of the room lights up, and the motor starts running.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

"Do you even know how to run this thing?" I shout at Ella. "Luke told me how!" A scream comes into the air, and I don't know if it was Ella, me, or both. The car starts running, and we run towards the Cornucopia, smashing everything in sight, and tributes are running away from us as we speed towards the Cornucopia. The car smashes the wall, and I think Johnny is dead. Two cannons sound. Oh gosh, who did she kill? Ella climbs out the smashed window to see Johnny and Fallon's dead bodies on the floor. Drake starts smashing her head against the door and she tells me to run. "I'm sorry!" she kept crying, but I heard her cannon almost immediately after. I could hear the screams of a tribute as he was killed. Another cannon sounded, and 22 were dead. Six remained.

Finn Dylan: District 4

I don't know where Star went, and Henna just killed Gary, and Cedar ran away bawling. Henna let a tear fall from her eyes. "Henna," "I'm not crying," she said harshly. I knew I better just leave her alone. There were only six of us left. Pamline, Star, Cedar, and Drake were somewhere out there looking to kill us. I don't know how I made it this far. Pamline, Cedar, and I haven't made a single kill. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish we could get out of the arena. "You can do this, Henna." I try to comfort her, but I don't think she's in a mood for talking. Then, a voice sounded from above. "Attention tributes, today we would like to announce a small rule change. There will be two victors, even if they are or are not attatched by rope. Thank you, and Happy Hunger Games." Henna almost squealed with delight and put her arms around my neck. I let out a smile, knowing that we could win this together.

Cedar Chase: District 7

I don't know where Drake is, and I lost Gary today, thanks to Henna. Fallon's gone too, and I'm lost. I hope I can win this without even going to battle. But that never happens. The second Cornucopia was the worst incident in my life. I wish I could go home to my parents and sister. I sit here, lonely, sad, and upset as I look at Gary's dead body, thinking of all the times that I could've done something differently.

Day 7

Cedar Chase: District 7

A gallon of water and a sword came to me in a parachute. I gathered it all in glee, appy that I would be able to use it all. Then, Gary's rope snapped, and I guess I didn't have to carry him around anymore. I saw Star in the crack of my eyes receive a bow and arrows. She then ran off, probably looking for Finn and Henna. I tiptoed behind her. I've been working on the quiet walk for a while. She runs through thin corridors, and I go about eighty feet behind her, trying to see where she goes. She stops to take a sip of water, and I screech to a halt, and she looks back and raises her bow.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

I have lots of food and water, a sword, and some armor. I stare at all my stuff when I hear a scream. I ru up to it, and I see Star. I look on the other side of her, and Cedar is half-standing, holding up her sword, trying to dodge arrows. Star still has nine left, and she notches one in, and Cedar is afraid to get any closer. I run in, stab my sword in Star's back, and Cedar thanks me, and we run off in opposite directions, apparently having the same thoughts I did. We wouldn't be around for much longer.

Finn Dylan: District 4

The room is starting to collapse. Tiny parts of the ceiling and floating down in the air, and Henna grabs my arm and begins running away. Henna has her sword in hand, and I run back to get her spear and my trident. I see Pamline in the distance running at us. Now, the ceiling is falling in huge chunks. We've got to get out of here.

Pamline Falcon: District 5

I can see Finn and Henna chasing Drake outside, and I'm almost out. There was another person left, either Star or Cedar, I wasn't sure which. I'm almost out there, when a huge block from the ceiling falls on me, and I try to get out from under it. I'm getting really tired, and my vision's getting darker...

Henna Morasca: District 2

Cedar arrives, and some weird ankle cuffs prevent us from moving. Pamline's unconscious under the rubble of the building, and I guess this is where we fight to the death. Finn readies his trident, but then a voice comes. "Attention, tributes. You may not begin to kill until the cuffs are released." They said some more things, but it was interupted by Pamline's cannon. "In five, four, three, two, one," And almost immediately, Drake stabbed Finn in the heart.

Cedar Chase: District 7

I run away, hoping that Henna would run after Drake. But she followed me. "Listen," she starts. I raise my sword, just in case. "I am so sorry for killing Gary. I cried all night," she says. I think she's telling the truth this time. This time I do. "Please forgive me, and can we go after Drake? Finn was the only guy I ever liked, and," she stops talking, probably trying to hold in tears. "Alright," I say. The two of us run off to find Drake.

Henna Morasca: District 2

I'm really upset, but I think I have a good shot at winning this. Lexi's body suddenly seems a lot lighter, and Cedar and I follow where we think Drake went. Just three of us left. I could win this. We saw Fallon's squahed body between two rocks, and Drake is trying to get through. He gives up, runs out, and spots us. He swings at Cedar, who ducks immediately. He grabs Lexi's head, and throws his sword at me. Cedar pushes me out of the way, takes his sword, and stabs it in Drake's face. The last cannon of the Games is heard. Cedar faints, and I drag her up to the copter, and try to hold on. They drag the ladder in, which is a good addition, because honestly, I'm really tired. "Congratulations!" one of the doctors says, patting me on the back. "So, can you get Lexi off?" I ask. "Oh, she stays on." "That wasn't part of the deal!" I shout. "I kid, I kid," he lays Cedar down in a bed, and tells me to take some medicine, and I gradually fall asleep, waiting to get back to District 2.

Death Chart

Place Name District Day Killed Killed By How
28th Gunner Pann 10 1 Star Prope Arrow to the Head
27th Riella Grace Capitol 1 Johnny Grey Spear to the Head
26th Janett Branch 6 1 Cholo Werdair Spear to the Back
25th Malik Payne 11 1 Cholo Werdair Knife in the Chest
24th Logan Waterson 8 1 Star Prope Mace in the Throat
23rd Lily Sunne 13 1 Fallon Marsop Arrow to the Chest
22th Karen Moriharu 4 1 Kallum Briget Knife to the Chest
21st Colette Emeline Frasier 11 2 Alex Donaque Machete in Heart
20th Alex Donaque 9 2 Glass Cuts
19th Bronze Platinum 1 2 Goat Muttation Attacked
18th Skyler Kim 8 2 Goat Muttation Attacked
17th Luke Torres Capitol 3 Kallum Briget Knife in Head
16th Olivia Bridge 12 4 Johnny Grey Knife in Heart
15th James Grant 6 4 Johnny Grey Knife in Head
14th Demi Campbell 5 5 Johnny Grey Axe in Chest
13th Cholo Werdair 2 6 Johnny Grey Machete in Chest
12th Kallum Briget 13 6 Johnny Grey Knife in Head
11th Lexi Poisonsong 9 6 Johnny Grey Spear in Neck
10th Johnny Grey 7 6 Ella Flashman Run Over by Car
9th Fallon Marsop 10 6 Ella Flashamn Run Over by Car
8th Ella Flashman 3 6 Drake Dust Snapped Neck
7th Gary Richman 3 6 Henna Morasca Knife in Eye
6th Star Prope 1 7 Drake Dust Sword in Back
5th Pamline Falcon 5 7 Ceiling Collapsed on Him
4th Finn Dylan 4 7 Pamline Falcon Sword in Heart
3rd Drake Dust 12 7 Cedar Chase Sword in Face
Victor Cedar Chase 7 None None None
Victor Henna Morasca 2 None None None

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