My first attempt at making these Games didn't turn out so well, asI didn't get too many tributes in. Now I'm going to try again, and hopefully more people come. These Games are one year after Henna Morasca and Cedar Chase won the first ones. You can submit the same tributes you did to the first draft of these Games if you'd like.

Tribute Template

(Three per person)

Name: (First AND Last name)



District: (1-13, Capitol)

Appearance: (I'll be having a gallery for these in Lunaiis. If you don't make one, I can)








Along with the normal twist for the Alliance Games, there will be some more twists. If you haven't seen the first ones, there will be twenty-eight pairs of tributes, each connected by an 8 foot long rope. If they kill their partner, they get killed themself by the Gamemakers. If your partner dies, you have to carry them around. The rope can only be snapped if the other tribute is dead, and the living one's mentor pays for it to break off, and it's not cheap.

Twist 1

On different days, one third of all the tributes are not allowed to be killed by any other tributes, though they can be killed by natural causes. If a tribute kills them, the tribute gets killed themself by the Gamemakers.

Twist 2

There will be twice the number of tributes in the arena, as the Capitol's angry that two victors won, and they weren't partners.


Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Maso Crix Thena.airice14
Capitol Male Tile Mulki EpicnezzEmily
Capitol Female Paloma Berne ViniciusDeAssis1999
Capitol Female Maeve Anders TheDeadlyOne
District 1 Male Chase Eliza Cloveismywife
District 1 Male Jake Lehouk Crazytrainftw
District 1 Female Amanda Dorian Cloveismywife
District 1 Female Ruby Sparkle FrostSnake
District 2 Male Drake Mordan Theman77
District 2 Male Cassius Fallow Calopy
District 2 Female Zakia West TheMysteriousGeek
District 2 Female Talia Passiflora Dedejacob
District 3 Male Kronice Hayes Raven HG
District 3 Male Gin Tonic 16 Knife, Blowgun Aniju Aura
District 3 Female Renna Overham Cloveismywife
District 3 Female Minitel Drone The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 4 Male Flint Sherwood 16 Trident, Bow and Arrow TheDeadlyOne
District 4 Male Jaydo Tsunami Raven HG
District 4 Female Starmie Riverio ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 4 Female Kaiya ReStarr FinnickIsBOSS
District 5 Male Cliyo Emetie ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 5 Male Draken Water Foxface D5
District 5 Female Detria Glace Annamisasa
District 5 Female Jeremy "Jer" Greffish Foxface D5
District 6 Male Marko "Auto" Steele Fawkes and Dobby
District 6 Male Revenus "Chase" Locke Daniel17
District 6 Female Horizon Coil Calopy
District 6 Female Adrianna Marsk 16 Blowgun, Whip Annamisasa
District 7 Male Simion Liit The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 7 Male Josh Rhogan 18 Axe Aniju Aura
District 7 Female Willow McNealy Thena.airice14
District 7 Female Elizabeth "Lizzy" Shaw
District 8 Male Theo Clair Ninja~Toast
District 8 Male John Madrick Theman77
District 8 Female Alyss Shepherd Annamisasa
District 8 Female Barriana Roscoe Thena.airice14
District 9 Male Caleb Stoll Wikia Contributor A
District 9 Male Roger Stoll Wikia Contributor A
District 9 Female Magenta Japhette Dedejacob
District 9 Female Summit Rossita AxedFox
District 10 Male Matthew Charleson 18 Mace Fluffeh Kitteh
District 10 Male Javan Rino The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 10 Female Elena Pierce Eleni12
District 10 Female Piper Hope Fawkes and Dobby
District 11 Male Antelope Grain AxedFox
District 11 Male Banjo Redwood AxedFox
District 11 Female Xenia Meadow Ninja~Toast
District 11 Female Zenia Meadow Ninja~Toast
District 12 Male Cecil Van Helsing

Aniju Aura

District 12 Male Zack Weeks MyWorld
District 12 Female Holly Edwardson TheMysteriousGeek
District 12 Female Blair Wilson Eleni12
District 13 Male Alan DeGenari Theman77
District 13 Male Vetrio Trew IGHWIKI
District 13 Female Tropics Pine Dedejacob
District 13 Female Ashley Craven Wikia Contributor B



Pairs Tribute A Tribute B
1 Alyss (8) Maso (C)
2 Kronice (3) Maeve (C)
3 Willow (7) Paloma (C)
4 Blair (12) Minitel (3)
5 Ashley (13) Drake (2)
6 Jaydo (4) Theo (8)
7 Auto (6) Gin (3)
8 Matthew (10) Adrianna (6)
9 John (8) Cliyo (5)
10 Alan (13) Vetrio (13)
11 Josh (7) Jer (5)
12 Javan (10) Tropics (13)
13 Detria (5) Draken (5)
14 Renna (3) Ruby (1)
15 Chase (6) Roger (9)
16 Jake (1) Cecil (12)
17 Talia (2) Magenta (9)
18 Zakia (2) Simion (7)
19 Cassuis (2) Flint (4)
20 Xenia (11) Tile (C)
21 Piper (10) Chase (1)
22 Caleb (9) Banjo (11)
23 Lizzy (7) Kaiya (4)
24 Zack (12) Amanda (1)
25 Antelope (11) Summit (9)
26 Horizon (6) Zenia (11)
27 Holly (12) Barianna (8)
28 Starmie (4) Elena (10)


Ninja~Toast guessed the arena correctly. It's based off of Divergent. There are five factions, each based on a positive characteristic that the people there improve on. In their arena there will be...


In Abnegation, there are almost no mirrors. The people there focus on selflessness, and don't even look at themselves. Most things there are gray and dull, and the government is ruled by Abnegation.


In Amity, their land is mostly farmland. They focus on kindness. There are lots of hospitals there too, and it's easy to get around. Most things there are bright and sunny. Amity is a large faction.


This faction is the least described in the books, but I'll interpret what I thought it would be like. They have to be honest there. I thought of it near Lake Michigan, with lots of fishers there. They also have quite a few buildings.


It's dangerous around Dauntless. There are many dangers, including the chasm, which four characters either fell down or almost fell down. Their quality is bravery, and it can be risky walking around there.


Erudite is very organized. They have many buildings and libraries. They have to be intelligent to be in Erudite. It's mostly urban, but has a few forests. It has good resources there.


The Factionless area is left alone. The Factionless lived here, a group of people who didn't fit into any. Most tributes won't go here, and they wouldn't want to either. Nothing is here.

Before the Games

Before the Games, I'm going to go into detail. We'll have the reapings, train rides, chariot rides (not stylists, just them in their chariot), group training, and a bit of pre-Games.



Maeve Anders

"Wake up Maeve!" my mother calls. I grab my sword that my instrictor let me take home. It glistened a bright gold, and I sure wish I could bring it to the arena with me.

"Coming!" I shout back. I walk down the stairs, and our wall changed into a giant television screen, showing the First Alliance Games. Neither of the Capitol tributes did well, with Riella placing 27th and Luke in 17th. But I can do better.

"Want breakfast?" my mom asks.

"They'll have enough food on the train," I reply.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asks.

"Yes," I say, rolling my eyes. Does she not know I've been training my entire life?

"Well alright. See you once you get home from the arena," she says. A silence follows, but I go out the door. The train stop is right next to our house, so it's pretty convenient. A few other kids come on, one with bright green hair, and another with tattoos on her forehead. The scenery blurs, and we're at the reaping in less than a minute. The escort is babbling on about how Cedar and Henna would love to visit here, blah blah blah, whatever. After what seems like an eternity, she gets to the names.

"Lindsay Mi-"

"I volunteer!" I shout, interrupting her.

"Are you crazy?" a kid shouts next to me.

"You're the one with three tails," He tucks his tails into his pants and his face goes red.

"Paloma Berne!"

A girl who looks like she could be from the districts comes up and greets me.

"Maso Crix!"

A boy comes up. I don't know why, but I feel uncomfortable around him.

"Tile Mulki!"

A boy who's green and purple all over walks up, and a few people laugh at him. His face goes from green to red, and he squinches his eyes. I feel bad for him.

"Our Capitol tributes!" The crowd hoots and hollers as the four of us are lead to the train.

District 1

Ruby Sparkle

"Get down here! Now!" the mayor calls. Couldn't they be nice for just one day?

"Coming," I say meekly. Pearl heads down the stairs and hugs me. She's the only one who really likes me.

"Let's get some breakfast," she says. Though I hate my adoptive parents, I'll have to admit, their cooking smells wonderful. I'm still shocked that Pearl is related to all these twits. Suddenly, I hear a pop and something hits the back of my shirt.

"Aah!" I say, feeling the paintball sting on my back. Pearl's two brothers laugh as they load again.

"Don't fire when I walk down here!" a little voice screams. It's Emerald. The youngest of the family.

"Those paintballs look fabulous on those clothes," Emerald says sarcastically. Pearl puts her hand on my shoulder. I wasn't going to attack her! Well, maybe. Okay, I was. It's amazing how well she knows me. Breakfast goes by quickly, and they shove us out. All of us but Emerald can be reaped. Pearl and I walk down the street when I run across a girl named Macy.

"Hi Ruby! Hi Pearl!" she says excitedly. "Ready for the reaping?"

"Get out of my way," I sat to her. Pearl mouths 'sorry' to her, but I don't care. She's always been so mean. Just rude to me.

"Am I the only one who hates her?" I ask Pearl.

"Well she's really sweet, I mean, she brought you cookies when you started attending your the new school."

"I don't know. She can be a bit, just, I honestly can't describe it." I think I know the reason I hate her. I can't even admit it to myself most of the time.

"And then, a few years back, this one boy puked in the train! Did I tell you all about the time when the girl started swearing at our stylist for not getting first? Oh I love talking about people!" Our chatty escort begins to gossip in front of all of District 1 when she finally gets to the names. "Bridgette Slate!" she calls.

"I volunteer!" a girl shouts. She tells us her name is Amanda Dorian and stands on the stage proudly.

"Pearl Glass!" Pearl and I lock eyes. I can't believe it. Pearl, my best friend in the world, is getting reaped. I'm completely desperate.

"I volunteer!" I yell frantically. I walk to the stage, and they all can tell I didn't volunteer because I wanted to be in the Games. Amanda looks sympathetically at me, and I give an unconvincing smile back.


"I volunteer!" five boys shout out.

"Alright, you and you." I realize who one of them is. Chase Eliza. I look back at myself. Oh no. I'm a mess! "Chase Eliza," he says into the mic. "Jake Lehouk," the other one says.

"Shake hands!"

I reach my hand in the center and touch Chase's warm hand. I feel almost as if I were in a daze. If only it were the two of us...

"Out tributes for District 1!"

District 2

Drake Mordan

I wake up to the sound of a bluejay, its song echoing in the wind.  As I wake up, I see the dump that I call home.  My bed is a bed of rocks, and my walls are pieces of straw that fall every time the wind blows across.  I guess I shouldn't be complaining, the girl across the street has been there way longer than me, and only has one hand.

"Hey punk!" a voice says.  An elderly man, who looked like he hadn't bathed in years came up to me.

"Ain't it about time you go that damn reaping?"  I sigh and tell him he's right.

"Well, off you go!  I swear, kids these days, never prepared for anythin' but movies and shit..."

I swear, this is the weirdest place in District 2.  It's a good thing that the walk to the reaping is short.  The one armed girl follows me close behind, and I smile as she goes to the girls' section.

"Hello District 2!" a man calls, with an almost normal voice.

"My name is Reese Remond, but let's cut to the chase shall we?"  I already know I'm volunteering.  We have to wait for him to claw his hand around in the bowl for like forever, and then he'll finally grab a name.

"Let's do boys first, shall we?"

"Cayenne Menzel!"

A handful of volunteers shout out, and he chooses one who walks up to the stage, and introduces himself.

"Cassius Fallow!" he shouts.  The crows claps, and he sticks his hand in the bowl again, and after what seems like forever, he picks another name.  I ready myself to volunteer.

"Drake Mordan!"

I awkwardly walk up to the stage, and see loads of girls preparing to volunteer.

"Veronica Sunstone!"

After a lot of commotion, some two girls finally come up.  Veronica, the girl who was originally reaped, didn't look happy about it.

"Fuck you all!"

I saw a girl trying to quiet Veronica down, and the two girls who volunteered stood up to the microphone and said their names.

"Zakia West!" a tan one said.

"Talia Passiflora!" a girl with colorful hair shouted.

"Now let's get back to the train!"  Reese walks in with Henna, and the four of us follow.

"So Henna, I have a little dinner planned..."

Henna sighs.  This is going to be a long trip.

District 3

Renna Overham

The sun glints in my eyes as I prepare myself to go to the reaping. I've been living in the woods of District 3 for quite a while now, and I know my way around. Nothing else is allowed here. This is my territory. Two weeks ago, I hung the corpse of a young girl, maybe about six months old, on the branch of a tree, to warn anyone who may want to come around. I look down at my tattered clothes that I haven't changed ever since I went away from home, and wonder how this reaping will go. I don't even know what happened last year, as I had no access to a television. Ah well. As I take a stride out of the forest, I smell the dirty air as I take the annual journey to the reaping. As I walk to the reaping, a small boy catches my eye and runs away. I hope he pissed his pants. I hear the escort chattering off in the distance. I sigh as I walk up.

"And then he said, 'Well I only drink decaf!'" Apparently she'd been telling a stupid joke of some sort. The audience had an awkward silence in it, when the escort finally decided to shut the hell up and get to the names.

"Renna Overham!" I walk up. People are surprised by my emotionless face, but honestly, I've killed, let's see, I think eight people so far?

"Minitel Drone!" A girl with black and white hair walks up, trembling in fear as the escort pats her back. It's rather tempting to kill someone right now.

"Kronice Hayes!" A boy with blond hair walks up to the stage. I honestly don't care. Can't we already get to the Games?

"And the last tribute is..." she sticks her hand in the bowl waiting for some tension to build up. It's taking forever.

"Hurry up already!" I yell to her. My voice echoes throughout the streets. Her blue skin turns red as she sticks her hand in and calls a name.

"Gin Tonic," she mutters angrily. I am really giving it my all not to push this woman into boiling water.

District 4

Kaiya ReStarr

"Wake up Jeff," I say to my little brother, laying down on his pillow. I know he's awake, he's just nervous. His first reaping's happening today. I've been taking care of all them for years after a fire killed my parents and older brother. It's been a bit of work, but I've gotten really close to all my siblings because of that. I remember the mansion that my parents owned. So nice and beautiful, conpared to where we live now. A small hut with dirt smeared on the ceiling, floor, and walls.

"If you get reaped, I'll have a friend volunteer for you. Okay?"

That gets him out of bed. He smiles at me and gets his shoes on.

"You're going in your pajamas?"

"I'm not getting reaped," he says smiling. I'm glad I can provide some assurance to him. My other siblings, a sister and a brother, walk behind Jeff and I as we head towards the reaping.

"Now you two, don't get lost, okay? Then we'd have to look for you guys. Again." My sister smiles mischievously, but I know she won't. The reaping starts, with the voice of our escort. Somehow, the Capitol doctors altered his voice to sound really deep. Not to mention, his mohawk was literally taller than I was. Before he could reach his hand into the bowl, several boys volunteered.

"You two, right there," They introduced themselves as Flint Sherwood and Jaydo Tsunami. Then she gets to the girls. Expecting a chorus of volunteers, he reaches her hand in the bowl. After a pause, finally someone does.

"Your name?"

"Starmie Riverio,"

I'm honestly getting tired of this whole thing. Can't I just go home?

"And finally, Kaiya ReStarr," he says. There has to be a volunteer, right? But I'm wrong. No one even said a word. Everyone's eyes were fixed onto me. My brother calls out my name, and I look into his eyes and smile. My other siblings begin to cry.

"Take care of them Jeff! I'll come back!" I call. An elderly woman grabs a handkerchief.

"Volunteer for her, Sandra!" she calls. But no one does. I walk up to Jaydo, Flint, and Starmie, and look in shock, at what may be the last time I see District 4. I close my eyes to calm myself down. I can hear the cheers of the crowd as I follow my district partners to the train. I shed a small tear, but no one notices. I guess that's good.

District 5

Detria Glace

I wake up to the light beep of my alarm.

"Mom, it's time for the reaping," I whisper in her ear. She gets up and walks over to the kitchen.

"Good morning Detria. Are you nervous?"

"Yes," I quickly respond.

"Well don't be. Here, take a cup of tea." I take the warm cup into my hands. As I drink it, I feel soothed, relaxed, and calmed. She's always made the best tea.

"I can go by myself," I say to her. She pats me on the shoulder and kisses my forehead. In public I'd be embarassed, but it felt good at home.

"Thanks mom," I tell her. I walk through our small and cluttered house and reach the door. Outside I smell factory exhaust and cringe my nose. You never get used to that. Then a clique of girls walks up to me. Oh no.

"Like my dress?" one girl rudely asks me. I wish I could say yes, but my autism kind of forces the truth out every time.

"No," I say timidly.

"Better than the rags your wearing," she says. I look at myself, and see a small pale green dress.

"My mother made this!" I yell at her. She frowns, and slaps me in the face. I fall to the ground, and just as she's about to punch me, someone yells for her to stop. The girls run away quickly.

"Koto!" I yell in delight. He runs up and helps me stand.

"Don't listen to them," he says.

"Thank you," I say, hugging him. I slip his work gloves off his hands and into my pocket.

"You could've asked," he says jokingly. I smile back at him. We finally arrive at the reaping. The escort had her arms transformed into giant parrot wings, and has rainbow skin. She can actually fly for brief periods of time.

"Welcome District 5!" she yells in excitement. "Today we will reap four tributes to compete in the Second Alliance Games!" she puts her hands down, as if expecting an applause, but gets none. "Let's get to the names, shall we?"

She puts her fingers, which now barely stick out of her wings, into the bowl, and picks out an unfortunate girl's name.

"Jeremy Greffish!" she calls. A girl with black and red hair goes to the stage, and a boy calls out 'Jer' which must be her nickname. I think she's twelve.

"Detria Glace!"

Oh no. I'm not supposed to be like this. It's a battle to the death. Hasn't my life been hard enough?

"Koto!" I call. Though he's trying to hide it, tears are running down his face. I run to him. Just as I'm about to fall into his arms, a hand reaches around my neck and takes me to Jer and the escort.

"And our first male tribute is Cliyo Emetie!" I've heard of him. He's rather popular, and in my grade.

"And finally, Draken Water." A boy with brown hair walks up to Jer and hugs her. Why couldn't I hug Koto one last time?

He looks into my eyes, and I look into his.

He cries my name.

I look back at him.

I know I have to win.

For District 5.

For Koto.

District 6

Adrianna Marsk

"Adrianna Marsk!"  My heart is pounding.  The escort's voice echoed, and I stare in shock.  I'm going to die.

Suddenly I get dizzy, and I feel like I can't control myself anymore.  What's happening to me?

I open my eyes and look around, panting.  Thank goodness that was just a dream.  A giant bell rings, calling all of District 6 to the reaping.  I slowly walk out of my small and tidy home to see the huge District.  I try to stay in my home for the most part, so I don't always geet a good view.  The sun is obscured by a blanket of clouds drifting over the sky.

"Gather around all!  Now it is finally time for the reaping this year!" the perky escort says, with the Capitol accent I've grown to hate.

"My name is Fella Remana, and I'll choose the lucky four to compete in the 2nd Alliance Games!"

"Horizon Coil!" A girl with brown curly hair walks up to the stage.  Fear shines in her eyes, and she's shivering all around.

"Rebekah Volga!" a small girl walks up to the stage and I immediately feel funny.  As if, I'm supposed to protect that girl.  Something's pushing me to volunteer.  I guess I should go with my conscience, or should I?

"I volunteer!" I yell.  The girl, Rebekah, walks up to me and thanks me, but stares at me as I walk up to the stage.  Like she's trying to remember who I am too.

"And Revenus Locke is our first male tribute!"  A boy with tanned skin and brown hair walks up to the stage.  A girl with blond hair pushes her way to the front of the crowd.

"No Chase!  Don't go!"  Revenus, or Chase, as the girl called him, has a tear in his eye.  If he talked, it would let out.

"Claire, I'm sorry," he says.  She cries and falls in his arms.

"And the other male tribute is Marko Steele."

Marko walks to the stage, looking at District 6 for what may be the last time.

A Peacekeeper walks up to the girl who's hugging Chase.

"Time to go back."

"NO!" she yells, refusing to obey authority.  The Peacekeeper grabs a gun and fires it at the girl's head.

"Claire!" Chase shouts.

"Let's just get out of here!" the escort says nervously, as she plies Chase from Claire's dead body.  This will happen fifty-five times in the actual Games.  I'm not sure if I can do it.  But who was that girl?

District 8

Theo Clair

I run over to the sink to wash my hands. My mother makes the best food ever. I tell her thank you, though I can't even hear myself. She puts her hand on her chin with her thumb out and lowers it. That means thank you. People can't communicate to me in English, because I'm deaf, but I try to not let it affect me. Esther walks over and grabs my hand. Mom waves goodbye to me, and Esther walks me out to the reaping square. Esther starts signing to me. He signs say,

Are you nervous? I shake my head, and she nods. She's also deaf, so she can't hear me if I said 'no'. I wish I was Esther. She doesn't have to worry about being reaped. A girl playing an ocarina and a boy playing the guitar sit on the side of our street, and I toss them a coin, even though I can't hear a thing. Once we arrive to the reaping, a man who is actually normal looking begins moving his mouth around. I look as the girl who played the ocarina walks up to the stage. Following her is a girl who looks rather scary to me. A boy with blond hair and scars on his face walks up next, and he announces the last name. No one goes. Finally, the Peacekeepers start checking their computers for something. One runs my direction and carries me onto the stage.

"Was I reaped?" I ask. A few of them move their mouths, but I have to tell them that I'm deaf before they answer again. They nod their heads, and I look nervously as the Peacekeeper takes us to the train. I still don't know their names, and I'm scared to death. I didn't even get a chance to see Esther.

District 11

Antelope Grain

A chicken cluck is the first thing I, and probably all my neighbors, wake up to this morning. A gun bangs, and a voice yells out, "Honey, we got dinner!"

I walk out to check on our plants. I water the tomatoes, as last time the tomatoes weren't watered, I got whipped. I still have a lash mark on my back. The cabbage looks healthy, and I think the carrots are ready to harvest. I look down at my clothes, a tattered up light brown tuxedo with a bowtie made out of corn leaves. Not the best, but the best we have.

"Ready?" my mom calls from inside.

"Yeah," I reply meekly. "I'll get going,"

As I walk to the reaping, I notice that there's a lot more kids than there were last time. "What happened?" I ask a boy standing next to me.

"An orphanage from District 9 couldn't afford to live there, so they moved here two days ago." he says to me, as if it were obvious. Then the escort, with hair so long, it went off the stage and to who knows where. "Zenia Meadow!" she calls. A small girl walks up, looking scared as a rabbit. She has a brown birthmark on her forehead. "Xenia Meadow!" a girl who looks almost like Zenia comes up. She has less bangs and a yellow birthmark instead of a brown one. "Banjo Redwood!" A boy walks up, looking scared confident, but I think he's scared inside. "And Antelope Grain!" No, not me. I have to be dreaming. Please! I'm sweating like crazy now as I try to walk up towards everyone else. Zenia cries out to her mother, and her birthmark begins shining. So does Xenia's. Half the crows gasps, but the glow finally goes away.


Tropics Pine: District 13

Javan and I are called into the hovercraft.  I look around to see the competition.  Renna is trying to annoy Ruby, whom is trying not to burst out in anger right now.  Matthew and Adrianna whisper into each other's ears.  I don't know, but I think they could be a threat.  Javan looks at me.  I bet he didn't want me, but too bad.

"Give me your arm," a woman says.  I hold it out and turn my head.  As I feel it enter my skin, I flinch a bit.

"Wimp," Talia says.  I hate her so much.  She's the reason I got deported from District 2 in the first place, to that miserable dump, also know as District 13.

"How long will our flight be?" I ask the woman.

"The arena has quite a distance from Panem, so it may be a couple of hours."


Ruby Sparkle: District 1

Thank goodness we're almost to the arena.  Renna is different, to say the least.  She's been staring at my fingers for the last thirty minutes as if they were snacks.  I look three chairs to the right and see Chase.  He doesn't look too happy.  And I know why.

When we were on our floor just after we got back from the chariots, Amanda flipped on the television.  I remember it perfectly.

"District 10 victor, Anya Pulchraviv has been proposed to and will get married in December." Jake let out a ake yawn, and Amanda switched the channel.

"Due to a malfunction in the airplanes, the airport is closed until further notice..."

The channel flipped again, and this is the important one.

"A mass shooting has happened in District 1.  The first person to die was Macy Hemmer.  We interviewed her parents about the scene that day."

Chase turned it off, and looked at the ground in shock.  He was holding back tears, and I felt bad for him.  Amanda and Jake left the room, while I tried to comfort him.  I was actually a tiny bit happy, but sad too.  I was so harsh to Macy, and I never got a chance to say sorry...

Cliyo Emetie: District 5

We've arrived at the arena.  Go in your respective hallways to meet your stylist.  I rush down to see Iguaçu and tell fall into her arms.  She's the only one who reached out to me this entire time.  Detria's been a loner and Jer teamed up with Draken.  I have no allies, but once I get into the arena that'll change.

"Cliyo!" a voice rings.  I run to see Iguaçu and hug her tighly.

"Now remember, once you get in, make sure that you have a good sight of all the Careers, and-"

"Sixty seconds remaining."


Day 1 - The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Flint Sherwood: District 4

The Games are here.  About time.  I hadto go through the chariots, training, interviews, and all that stuff.  But now I'm here, ready to go in and fight.  I stare at the clock projected in front of me.  The time ticks down and I feel adrenaline speed through my body.  It's time to do this.  45 seconds left.

Simion Liit: District 7

"Are you nervous?" I ask Zakia.

"It'll be fine," she says, distracted, eyeing for tributes to kill.  I take a look at where we are.  We're inside a tall building, with five bowls standing in the center.  One sizzles with coal, and another has broken shards of glass in it.  Gray stones lay in a bowl next to a bowl with pieces or gravel and grass.  Water ripples in the fifth one.  I don't know why they're there.

Revenus "Chase" Locke: District 6

Time ticks down.  Roger stands at my left and we prepare to dash in.  I see Chase coaching Piper on what to do, and she rolls her eyes as if they've been over it a million times.  Renna is spitting balls of saliva onto unlucky tributes, and I prepare to dash in for a spear and leave.  It's almost here.  5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Alan DeGenari: District 13

"This way!" I yell to Vetrio, pulling him along.  I watch as Starmie and Elena charge at Ashley.  Drake tries to push them off, but before he can, Elena stabs Ashley with a spear, straight to the stomach.  Drake charges back at the both of them, but is overpowered.  Starmie plunges a trident into his chest, and he falls dead to the floor.  Vetrio pulls me along outside the large building.  Apparently, it's called the Hub.  Outside, I see a map of what the arena is, I guess.

"Let's head to Candor," Vetrio says.

"Well Amity sounds-" I stop speaking as I see Blair and Minitel rush out of the door.  The two of us speed off to Candor.

Kaiya ReStarr: District 4

"Come on Lizzy!" I yell at her.  We were kicked out of the Careers because our training scores weren't high enough, but I don't care what they think.  We'll do just fine.

"Just a second!" she calls.  Horizon and Zenia run by.  I reach down to get a knife and throw it at Zenia, but before it hits her, Xenia appears out of nowhere and pulls her out of the way.  But Horizon is pulled directly into the knife's aim.  I finally pull Lizzy off and we rush out, with Tile and the twins on our heels.

Cecil Van Helsing: District 12

Jake and I were kept in the Careers.  Good for him, and for me, it's not so good.  But Jake's a friend so I don't care.  Simion charges at me and I scream.  Jake grabs the bowl of glass and hurdles it at Simion's forehead.  It hits him, and he's out.  I grab a bow and quiver and begin firing, not to kill anyone, but to scare others off.  And it works.  Detria and Draken rush off.

"Where's Jer?" I can hear Draken yell.  Detria pulls him along, not wanting to risk her life.

Matthew Charleson: District 10

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Piper flailing around with a rope, trying to see what it does.  Adrianna and I each grab our weapons and begin to run in for supplies.  Adrianna notches an arrow and shoots it.  It lands in Gin's temple.  Barianna puts a knife in Jaydo's skull, causing Theo to run off, looking at the body in disgust.  I throw my mace into the crowd of tributes running in the Cornucopia, and soon after, Magenta's body falls to the floor.  Then I realize I don't have a mace.

"Shit," I mutter.

Banjo Redwood: District 11

I know what my mentor said to do.  I look at Caleb, knowing his life will be over quickly.  I grab the bowl with flaming coal and dump it on Caleb.

"What the hell!" he yells at me.  "You're going to get killed now and rightfully so!"

Get killed?  What's he talking about?  Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my back.

Chase Eliza: District 1

Cheetah muttations step in to murder Banjo because he killed his partner.  But they're not finished.  One charges at Kronice and rips off his legs.  Maeve looks like she's going to have a heart attack.  One finishes Kronice off and eats him alive.  Now Maeve doesn't have to carry a dead corpse.  Then she realizes that she might be next and runs out the door.  Willow and Paloma run out together, and the cheetahs look for their next victims.  One charges at Zack, and mauls him to death.  Amanda is freaked out, and doesn't know what to do.  Pretty much everyone is leaving from the Cornucopia but the Careers.  Flint starts shooting at the mutts, and all but one dies.  The living one charges at Ruby.  Oh shit.  Renna grins evilly as she watches the cheetah in midair, about to collapse on Ruby.  But I step in the way.  It begins scratching my face, and I feel blood run down my chin and neck.  I kick it in the stomach, but it doesn't back off.  Finally, it falls dead.  I feel light-headed, and and yell at Jake and Cecil, asking to get my medicine.

Ruby Sparkle: District 1

I see Chase laying down on a sleeping bag, and he looks strong.  I don't think could've taken down the muttation myself.  If he didn't save me, I'd be dead.  Cassius orders everyone to put different medicines on him.  Zakia also has some cuts on her back, and Starmie has a big bruise on her forehead.  We won, but it was hard-fought.  We're pretty good doctors, but I think we may need some more medicine.  Chase definitely needs more bandages, and Starmie's forehead is turning purple.

Xenia Meadow: District 11

Tile, Zenia and I made our way to a camp in the Amity section.  We settled in a more rural area.  There were some hospitals and apartments in a more urban part, but we wanted to be sure no building would collapse or something.  Horizon's corpse was kind of disturbing, but we found some make-up in the hospital and covered it over the cut in her head.  The three of us made a camp obscured by a tall batch of sunflowers.  I think we'll be good for now.  And Tile seems different, but below all the getup, he's a really nice person.

Javan Rino: District 10

Tropics and I met up with Alyss and Maso in the place called Erudite.  Lots of uniform buildings are just standing here.  The four of us are camping behind a building, trying to stay obscure.  The sky looks polluted here, and the grass is dried out and yellow.  I really don't want to be here.  None of us got water, so that would be nice to have.

Barianna Roscoe: District 8

As soon as Holly and I set up camp, eleven cannons boomed.  That leaves forty-five of us.  We're camping near a chasm in the Dauntless section.  Suddenly, Holly screams.  I turn around to see the boys from 13 charging at us.  I grab Alan and begin to wrestle with him, trying to push him off.  Holly is screaming her head off, and Vetrio is trying to pull Alan away.  Finally, I manage to push Alan off.  He yells, and Vetrio is dragged along with him.  The two are yelling, and three of Vetrio's fingers are the only reason that the boys from 13 are still alive.  I stomp on his hand and he jerks it back.  I watch as the two of them fall.  A spalsh is heard, followed by two cannons.  Holly faints, and I can't even blame her.

Detria Glace: District 5

Draken and I made camp in a small villa in Abnegation.  He wants to talk a bit, but I'm not too big on talking.  The anthem begins.  My music teacher made me learn the notes.  B, D#, F#, G, F#, E, F#.  Then it continues for a while as we stare at the sky.  Drake from 2 is up first, followed by Gin and Kronice from 3.  Jaydo's face shows up next.  A lot of strong tributes died.  Horizon, one of the girls from 6 is up, Simion from 7, Magenta and Caleb from 9, Banjo from 11 and Zack from 12, and all the tributes in District 13 except Tropics.

Day 2 - "I'm going with her." Chase Eliza

Josh Rhogan: District 7

"Wake up Jer," I say to her.

"Can we find Draken?" she whispers groggily.  I nod my head and she grabs a knife and stands up.

"Now for the morning announcements," a booming voice calls.  "We're going to list the tributes you cannot kill today, but this does not mean they will survive.  They can be killed by muttations, arena traps, and others can still kill them, although it results in their own deaths.  There is Holly Edwardson, Maso Crix, Elena Pierce, Willow McNealy, Tropics Pine, Starmie Riverio, Tropics Pine, Kaiya ReStarr, Jeremy Greffish-"

Jer brings her arm down in a fist in relief and celebration.

"Theo Clair, Revenus Locke, Javan Rino, Cassius Fallow, Flint Sherwood, and Cecil Van Helsing.  Good day."

A couple of hoots and hollers sound across the arena and I look down in disappointment, but congratulate Jer.

"So we'll find Draken and Detria?"

"Yes.  They're somewhere in Candor, and they have water."

"Good.  I'm so thirsty."

She begins to pack her bags, and I do the same, asking her to take the lead, as if she had some way of telling where Draken may be.

Lizzy Shaw: District 7

"Congrats Kaiya!" I tell her.

"Thanks," she mutters back.  Kaiya can be a bit moody, but I can tell she really has feeling deep down.  I'm getting nervous.  Someone could kill me any second now.  Right now we're camping in a small villa in the middle of a cornfield.  We have a good view of anyone, and others don't have a good view of us.  It's pretty good here.  Kaiya's getting pretty dizzy, looping around occasionally, which is bad for me, as I'm jerked around by her.  I'm not that strong, and I'm not ashamed to admit that.  All of the sudden, the door creaks open.  Kaiya yells and shoots at the door.  It goes through and two voices scream simultaneously.  She notches another arrow, but I stop her before she can shoot.  I open the door, and three people stand in frontof the door.  Two look exactly alike, brown short hair, skin that resembles a mulatto, and the boy is obviously from the Capitol, decked out in green and purple.

"Come on in guys," I say.  "Zenia, Xenia, and Tile, am I correct?"

"Yes," Tile responds.  Now that I get a closer look, one of the twins, I can't tell which, has a big gash in her arm from the arrow.

"Kaiya, can you get your painkillers?"

"Sure Lizzy," she says, reluctant to share the medicine with them.

"Are you okay Zenia?" I ask.

"I'm okay, it's not too bad.  And it's Xenia," she says, smiling.  I don't have a mirror, but I could swear my face is blushing a tomato red.

"It's fine, it happens all the time," Zenia says with a small, fake chuckle.  Kaiya enters the room and tosses the box of painkillers over to Xenia.

"Thanks!" she calls.  She pops one into her mouth and takes a look out the door.  Zenia looks like she wants some too, but she doesn't ask.

"Well we have to get going, we have cooking food at out camp." Zenia says.

"No-" Xenia interrupts.

"We better head back, it'll be a while. Nice seeing you all," Zenia says, ushering Tile and Xenia out.  I think Kaiya scared Zenia off, but I'm not going to mention it.  I know she can't kill me, but she doesn't have to save me if I'm in trouble.

Xenia Meadow: District 11

"What was that Zenia?" I ask her.

"That Kaiya bitch tried to kill us!"

"She brought us meds though," I remind her.

"Still," she mutters.  Tile stand next to us awkwardly.  It's not like Zenia to do that.  She's normally sweet, caring, kind, but these Games have changed her.  Anyone but Tile and I make her feel uncomfortable.  We hardly ever think seperately.  These Games are taking a toll on her.  There will probably be multiple victors, and I hope we both make it, because if we don't, I'm never going to see the old Zenia again.

Detria Glace: District 5

"Come on Detria," Draken tells me.  I sigh and run along, hoping that once he meets up with Jer he'll be fine.  We've been wandering around the Candor section for a while, trying to find them, when I see two figures in the distance.

"That you?" I yell out to them.  I guess it's not.  An axe hurdles toward me, but I narrowly duck.  I can feel stands of hair being plucked out of my head as I duck, and look behind me.  The axe lodged itself in Draken's forehead.  The day's first cannon booms off.  I run up to the people with knives in my hand, aiming at them.

"Detria?" someone says.

"Josh?  Jer?" I ask.

Jer looks in shock.

"So Josh, you, you killed Draken..."

I slowly walk off, not wanting to get involved.

"How could you!" she hollers in an ear-splitting scream.  She begins tackling him but suddenly stops.  She twists the rope around her neck and chokes to death.  I guess she couldn't live without Draken.  Yay.  Death, blood, and gore.

"Have any water?" Josh asks me.

Amanda Dorian: District 1

Renna screams in delight as her knives arrive.  She's eccentric, but I'm fine with that.  Chase, Zakia, and Starmie are all bruised up, and unless they receive medicine, they won't get any better.  I look at them in pity, and then look at Zack.  Poor kid.  Clawed to death by muttations.  This seems half-real sometimes.  The Careers have kind of divided into cliques.  I'm close with Ruby and Chase, along with their partners, Flint and the tributes from 2 are together, and Starmie, Elena, Jake, and Cecil bonded.  Thirteen of us at the Cornucopia this time around.  I watch Ruby flirt with Chase, and I swear, they are so cute together!  Renna's roaming around with her throwing knives, screaming like a banshee, and Piper is fixing a broken arrow.  Renna slams her clenched fist into the back of Cassius's head, and he falls straight to the ground.  Flint falls on his ass, and Cassius stands up and grabs Renna by her neck.  Ruby's jerked away from Chase when this happens, and everyone stops to watch.

"I'm going to be nice," Cassius says in a loud, stern voice.  "And spare you.  But you have to get out of the Cornucopia, or you're dead.  Got it?"

"Yeah, I do.  Now lemme down." Renna says after spitting a ball of saliva into his face.  I stare at Ruby, and she looks worried.  She's going to have to leave.  Chase looks at her desperately.

"I'm going with her," Chase says.  Ruby smiles a bit.

"Fine," Cassius mutters.

"And me to," I say quietly.

"We already have four people leaving us.  We don't need anymore to do the same.  Got it, slut?"

"Yes," I say timidly.  Ruby looks at me desperately, knowing that we may never meet again.  As the four, Ruby, Chase, Piper, and Renna, awkwardly leave, Renna gives Cassius a kick in the balls.  He lets out a loud scream.  As they run off, Cassius throws a sword at Piper's face, and she slumps down immediately.  Renna throws a knife at Zakia and she instantly dies.  Piper says goodbye to Chase and her cannon booms.  Zakia tries to fight the pain, but eventually flops down.  Ruby slams the door open to the Hub and they go to the left.

So that leaves me, Cassius, Talia, Flint, Elena, Starmie, Jake, and Cecil.  Eight from the original, what, eighteen or so?  I sure wish Theo stayed with us after Jaydo died.

Maso Crix: Capitol

"I'm nervous Alyss," I complain.  She's been guiding us through streets leading us to where we're going to hunt for weaker tributes.

"It'll be fine," she says.  We left Tropics and Javan back at our camp.  They aren't supposed to be killed, so we figured they'd be safe.  We're hiding out in a tall buidling, preparing to shoot anyone in the streets.  I see a boy from 6, Auto, I think, walk through.  Maso winces as I prepare to throw my awl at him.  I throw it out the window, and he falls over, dead.  Four cannons boom.  What the hell?

Alyss Shepherd: District 8

Maso and I run down the stairs, trying to get back to the camp.  We race down a thin alley in between two enormous buildings and arrive at our campsite to see the dead bodies of Tropics and Javan.  A couple of tigers are eating a dead body, and their partner is yelling like hell.  As they get up, I can barely see that it's John from 8.  Cliyo is scared as hell, and opens his mouth.

"John came to kill people, and I didn't want him too.  He was asleep during the announcement of tributes that couldn't be killed."  Cliyo falls to the ground and sobs, and I go up to him.

"It's okay.  You can stay with us."  I try to comfort him.  I know if Maso died, I'd be devistated, even though we don't know each other so much.  Our alliance has changed up a bit, but that's okay.  I think eight people died today.  Not bad.

Antelope Grain: District 11

Summit and I tried hunting for tributes today, but Minitel and Blair outran us, and Theo wasn't supposed to be killed today.  I soaked my feet in a small pond at our camp, wondering how close victory is to us.  I can't wait until this entire thing is over.  All of the sudden, Blair and Minitel rush over to gather some water, not seeing us.  They spy us and begin throwing my hatchet.  I hit Blair in the forehead.  She isn't dead yet, but will need medicine to survive.  Her blood sinks into the water.

"Gather the water before it's comtaminated!" she calls to me.  I grab a bottle and fill it with water from the lake and rush off with Summit.

Paloma Berne: Capitol

Willow, Chase, Roger, and I have been staying in Candor since we got in the arena.  The four of us have gotten really close.  All of us feel comfortable around us.  We've been laughing, singing, and having a good time.  We're childish.  This shouldn't happen in the Games.  Maybe this is like laughing in the Capitol's face.  Maybe it could get them to stop.  Even if we're in a fight to the death, we can be happy.  I think it's possible.  As Iook back at the sky, the anthem starts.  First is Zakia, followed by the couple from 5.  All of them seemed strong, but I guess that's a couple of threats down.  Marko follows up, and John is right after.  Javan is up.  I guess they were right when they said they could still be killed.  Piper is up next, and Tropics shows up to finish the anthem.  So out of the six tributes from 13 in the Alliance Games, two have survived the bloodbath.  Not the best ratio if you ask me.  But oh well.  Only 35 tributes are left in the arena.  It's getting smaller every day.

Day 3 - "I'm so sorry," Theo Clair

Paloma Berne: Capitol

Soft footsteps jolt me up.

"Willow," I whisper.  She moans, and panic.  Someone's getting closer and closer to us.  Roger and Chase lay sleep on the ground, not saying a word.  I peer around the gray building and see Maeve creeping up.

"Maeve!" I shout quietly.  She runs up and hugs me.

"You won't believe what I found," she says.  She takes out a jar with a big label on it.  Instant Relief.

"Where'd you find that?" Willow asks excitedly.

"In the basement of a building down the block."  I can't resist hugging her again.

"Chase!  Roger!" Willow says to them.  The two get up and look at Maeve.

Maeve tosses Roger the can of instant relief.  He jas a big gash on his back which has bandages, but he can still barely move it around.  Roger swallows it and a cannon sounds off, scaring me to death.  Roger's body flops to the floor.

"What did you do to the medicine!" Chase yells furiously at Maeve.

"I didn't know it was contaminated!" she shouts back.  Chase runs and tackles Maeve and just before he's about to stab her in the throat, Maeve grabs a sword and plunges it into his head.

"You killed them both!"  I shout at her.  I run with Willow struggling not to fall over behind me and watch as Maeve pulls the bloody sword out of Chase's corpse.  Just as she swings it at my face, Willow shoots a dart in Maeve's leg.  Maeve screams in pain and swings over my head.

"I forgot the poison," Willow mutters.  I run to Maeve and push her to the ground.  I press on her throat, and hope she won't be able to breathe.  Finally, her pulse stops and her cannon sounds off.  The two of us rush out of Candor and hope to find a safer place.

Tile Mulki: Capitol

Xenia grabs some soup and puts some corn in it that she found from the field.  She offers some to the two of us and we slurp it up quickly.  All of the sudden, about five people start screaming.  Zenia hops up and rushes over to the screams with her blowgun in hand.  Xenia rushes up, and I know that I had to go too.  As we get closer, I recognize the voices a bit.  The house Lizzy and Kaiya were in is now just random shards of wood.  Lizzy and Kaiya are laying on the ground, and two people are standing over them.  I snatch up my spear and throw it at one of the attackers, and they rush off.  One of them looked a bit injured from my mace.  We run up to Lizzy and Kaiya, and see their faces, bruised, beaten, and not in good shape.  They are laying in a pile of blood-stained wood, and Kaiya has a gash on her face.

"Are you guys okay?" Xenia asks.

"What do you think?" Kaiya snarls.

I grab some medicine from Xenia and apply it to Lizzy.  As I'm about to give it to Kaiya, she swats my hand.

"I don't need your help," she complains.  "You guys can stay here, I'm going somewhere else.  Come on, Lizzy."  Just as she staggers off, she falls over to the ground, dead.  Lizzy looks faint, and tears are forming in her eyes.

"Come on Lizzy," Zenia says.  "We can give you food."

Holly Edwardson: District 12

Barianna and I gasp for air and run back into the artillery range in Dauntless.

"I think one of them died," Barianna says through gasps.  "But it might've been the other three who killed them."  It's a good thing the two of us have about the same running speeds, or one of us would keep falling over while sprinting.  The two of us simultaneously flop down on the soft mat.  A bit of Barianna's blood drips on my hair, but I'm too exhausted to even care about it at the moment.

"So should we do it tomorrow?" I nervously question Barianna.

"If I'm up to it, then yes.  But I don't think just the two of us could do it alone.  We need to find someone to help us."

Theo Clair: District 8

I set the backpack out in the middle of this boring, gray world.  I see three people walk near the backpack.

"You go set up camp.  We'll look for supplies," a masculine voice says.  The two rush to the backpack, and I throw a knife at each of them.  One cannon sounds, and both fall down.  I take a look around and see Maso dead, and Alyss barely conscious.  Oh god.  I think I've nearly killed my district partner.

"Alyss!" I shout.  Her eyes seem to stare into my soul.  They long for life, something she won't have for long.

"I'm so sorry," I say to her with tears in my eyes.  I place her head in my lap.  Finally she speaks up and says words that I will remember for the rest of my life.  

"You killed me..."

Cassius Fallow: District 2

Elena and I have been in charge of the Careers for the past few days.  I never knew a girl from 10 could be so powerful.  The two of us got nice fold-up chairs, while everyone else sits down on the freezing cold metal that forms the Cornucopia.

"Cassius," Elena whispers in my ear.

"Yes," I sayback to her.  She tilts her head in a bit more.  As quietly as possible she speaks up.

"Starmie is a weak link.  She isn't any use to us at all, and I'm tired of lagging her around.  Kill her."

I give Elena a thumbs-up and notch swing a sword into Starmie's chest.  Her cannon sounds off, and the rest of the Careers seem almost unaffected by what just happened.

Chase Eliza: District 1

Ruby, Renna, and I settled down in Dauntless after being "shunned" from the Cornucopia.  The three of us are in the top of a huge glass tower that overlooks the entire area of Dauntless.  Not many people are out here, just two pairs of partners.  We're all sitting down and staring out the window.  I adjust Piper's body to look as if she were alive too.  Ruby leans her head on my shoulder, and I see her beautiful red hair laying on me.  My heart begins pumping.  I haven't felt like this since Macy was around.  But something's different about Ruby, in a good way.  We look at each other at the same time, and I don't really mean to, but I lean in and press my lips against hers.  I feel satisfied.  Ruby enbraces in it, and I feel satisfied.  Just the two of us, up here, knowing that we love each other.

"Gross!" Renna shouts.  Oh wait, make that three.  Way to ruin the moment, Renna.

Jake Lehouk: District 1

"Please Jake," Cecil asks me.  I say no once more, but he insists.

"Fine."  I say.  This was not what I wanted to do in the Games.  Everyone's asleep, not even knowing whose faces appear in the sky tonight.  Maso and Maeve were up first from the Capitol, and both girls from 4 showed up next.  Chase from 6, Alyss from 8, and Roger from 9.  Not anything unexpected.  Now I have to do what I promised Cecil.  We gather our supplies and rush off.  Just as we do, a spear flies into the back of my head.  Elena charges after Cecil, but he gets away.  As I close my eyes, I see my picture form in the night sky.

Day 4 - "Heaven?" - Renna Overham

Barianna Roscoe: District 8

"Wake up already!" I shout, tugging the rope.  Holly slowly gets up.

"We're going to do it right now.  Get up."

"Are you sure this will work?" Holly asks me.

"No.  But if it does, we'll strike it rich.  But we need to get out of Dauntless right after we set it up."


"Now show me where the computer room is," I demand.

Holly begins rushing down flights of halls, and I rush after her at her heels.

Xenia Meadow: District 11

Tile, Lizzy, Zenia, and I have been sitting here for a while.  Not much has been going on lately.  The four of us seem comfortable around each other, and I really hope we can all make it out alive.  Zenia's still been a bit different from her normal self, but once we win, which I tell myself will happen, she will change back to her happy self.  Zenia gives Kaiya's dead body a scornful look.

"Hey guys, is it just me, or is the grass growing really fast?" Lizzy asks.  Tile looks down and yells, yanking the rope and pulling me towards Lizzy's demolished old camp.

"What is it?" Zenia asks, watching Tile and I run off.

"It's going to-"

Tile was interrupted by yell.

Zenia Meadow: District 11

"Help!" I call out.  I look down, and the grass begins circling around my feel, tying them to the floor.  They'll choke me sooner or later.  I try pushing them down, but more and more come up.  Lizzy panics, and starts hacking at the grass that's entangling my feet with her spear.  I feel warmth on my head, and Xenia's birthmark glows.  Tile stares straight at me in fear.  Xenia and Tile run over to me and start slashing the vines.  One curls around my arm, and I try to swat it off with the other, but my arm is stopped by vine.  The bottom half of my body is pure green, and finally, a vine, bigger around than my fist, touches the tip of my neck.

"Get it off!" I yell at the three.  Lizzy begins tugging at it, and her hands turn white from pulling so much.  Tile tries to guard my neck from anything else, and Xenia tries to pull me out.  The thick vine finally manages to whack Lizzy in the head, and it slowly is laid around my neck.  As it gets tighter, my vision begins to fade.  Xenia looks barely conscious.  Tile and Lizzy are crying while making final attempts to save me.  But it's too late.

Talia Passiflora: District 2

Now Elena, Amanda, Flint, Cassius, and I are the only people left in the Careers.  Flint walks up to Cassius.

"Hey, you know, I was thinking.  I have an ass, and you have..."

Flint points to Cassius's crotch.

"So?" Flint asks.

"I'm not gay, you faggot.  Get out of here before I kill you.  You can go make out with Chase, wherever that son of a bitch went to."  Speaking of sons of bitches.

"You don't have to make fun of him because he's gay.  And give it a break, Cassius, you try to control everything that goes on around here.  You can't just boss us around.  Renna, Chase, Ruby, Piper, and Starmie were all great fighters.  But just because they got on your nerves, you either killed them or made them leave." I say.  I broke the silence.  I stood up to him.  I'm scared, but it had to be done.

A silence follows.  I watch Cassius's eyes, staring at me, and preparing to do something horrible.  All of the sudden, he lunges forward and puts his hands around my neck.  I kick him in the stomach, but he doesn't seem to react.  I punch him in the, and he staggers back with a black eye.  He grabs a sword, and I grab mine.  Just as I prepare to slash him in the forehead, he stabs me in the heart.

I make a final scream as Flint runs for dear life.

Antelope Grain: District 11

Summit and I walk around Abnegation looking for someone to kill, or anything to do.  We pass a backpack with a reeking smell.  I guess we can clean it.  You never know what will be inside.  Summit snatches it and runs back, when Theo jumps out from behind a rock, with five knives in his hands.  Summit lets out a scream that could be heard in the Hub.  A knife whizzes past Summit's neck, and I see one bury itself in a rock behind me.  I pick a spear out of my bag and hurl it at Theo.  It shatters through a window in a small building.  A macusline scream sounds, and someone rushes out and throws a sword at Summit.  It nearly misses her foot, and she runs off, and I stumble trying to keep up with her.

Theo Clair: District 8

The boy who ran out of the building rushes up to me.

"Allies?" he asks.  I pause for a second.  I killed his previous allies.  Does he know about that?

"Sure," I said.  I don't know if he's sincere, if he really wants to be in the alliance, or if he's waiting for my moment of weakness.

Holly Edwardson: District 12

"We're here," I say to Barianna.

"It took long enough," she complains.

I roll my eyes with a smile in my face.  In training, no one really opened up to Barianna, but she really is nice once you get to know her.

"Do you think the Gamemakers will interfere?" I ask her.

If death and destruction is entertainment, this should be primetime for them.  Now do you see the camera facing the chasm?"

"Second row, tenth one."

"Thank you, Holly.  Now adjust the flow of water..."

The water begins pouring into Dauntless in speeds that only Usain Bolt could outrun, who was apparently some fast person who lived a long time ago.

"Now we better get going.  The other tributes don't know, so cannons will roar in minutes."

Barianna and I rush out the hallways, and make our way outside.  I can hear the crash of waves behind me.  And someone will be dead soon.

Ruby Sparkle: District 1

"Just get a knife and slam it in your face, Ruby!  It's fun!"

I swear.  That girl is getting on my last nerve.

"What the hell is that?" Chase says nervously.  The building rattles a bit, and we peer out the window.  Waves of water rush into the streets below.

"The building's gonna fall!" Renna says.  I hear both nervousness and joy in her voice.

"Get down the stairs!  If we do fall, it'll be less damaging if we're lower!"

Chase and I run side by side with Renna at our heels.  A huge waves flies in through the window and knocks us down the stairs.  I am literally off the ground right now.  I can't see anything but the foaming water that will kill us if we're not careful.  I fly into a table, and Renna lies to my right, inside a box filled with arrows.

"Renna!" I scream.

Renna Overham: District 3

The waves rush out of the building, and a pool of blood surrounds me.  I have cuts everywhere.  I'm not going to live.  


She stares at my body, nearly lifeless.  Chase comes running from behind a door that was slammed shut because of the waves.

"What happens to me?  It can't just end like this.  Why do I get sixteen years, while some get ninety?"

"Heaven," Ruby says through tears.

"Heaven?" I ask.

"Where our souls part from our bodies.  Where all good people who die go," Ruby explains.

"So my parents..."

"Are they dead?" Chase asks.

"Yes.  Will I see them in heaven?" I ask.

"Yes." Chase tells me.

All this time, with me evacuating the house, living in the forest, killing all people from adults to babies, trying to kill people, could have been different.  If I knew about heaven.

"Sorry Ruby," I say through tears.

"It's okay," she says back, with tears, of both happiness and sadness.

"Goodbye," I say, getting a good glimpse of earth before I die.

Adrianna Marsk: District 6

Neither Matthew nor I know how to swim.  We could die if we don't get back to land.  I should've taken a hint when I saw the two girls rushing past us.

"HELP!" I call out to anyone who may listen to me.

Two tributes, from District 1 I think, look at me, and debate with themselves whether to save me or not.  Matthew can't stay afloat much longer.  His head sinks below, and he coughs water out of his lungs.  He starts flailing his arms around, and finally, the two come to save us.  They swim across the water.  The girl grabs Matthew and carries him into the building they were near, while the boy pushed me along behind them.  They drag us across the floor, careful not to let us get stabbed my shards of glass, and we do a walk-stumble up the stairs.

The two of us are laid down on the floor, soaking and freezing.

"Adrianna," the boy, Chase I think, asks.  "Is there anyhing I can get for you?"

"Worry about Matt.  He can barely breathe."

"Pearl saved me from drowning once," the girl states.  Ruby, I think.  "I know what to do."

Ruby presses on his chest, and water spits out of his mouth.  He can barely control his motions, and I doubt he'll live much longer.  Matt makes a strange sound from the back of his throat.  A bit of vomit comes out, and another cannon sounds.  I fall to the floor crying.

Amanda Dorian: District 1

"Well I'm going to hunt for tributes.  See y'all tomorrow," Elena says.

She runs outside the Hub and towards Erudite.

Cassius and I are the only people left here.

"Amanda," Cassius says, his sword on my chest.  "Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure," I say.  "Anything,"

If I don't do as he says, I'm going to die.  If I don't do as he says, I'm going to die.  The phrase sounds over and over in my head.  I don't like Cassius, but I can't stand up to him.  Talia just died today.  I'm doing this for my life.

"Undress," Cassius says with a wicked smile on his face.  He unbuttons his shirt, and begins to lay down on a cot, beckoning me to come with him.

I'm going to be raped.

Day 5 - "You fucking man-slut!" - Elena Pierce

Adrianna Marsk: District 6

Chase and Ruby stare at their letters in complete shock.  I still have quite a few injuries, but I think I'll be okay.

"Adrianna, are you sure you'll be fine?"  Ruby asks.

"I'm sure, and thank you for your concern.  Good luck out there," I say, giving them a smile.

"Alright, we'll see you when we get back," Ruby says, running off with Chase.

Elena Pierce: District 10

Erudite has almost no one there.  Now I have to save Amanda because Cassius just had to rape someone.  I swear, I'm the glue that keeps the Careers together.  All of the sudden I hear a ferocioius growl, and I fall over forward into the grass.  A flash of red shines in my face, and I hear some laughter.

Cecil jumped up and began cracking up.  Ass face.

"You fucking man-slut!" I yell at him.  I want to sound angry right now.  I'm doing the best I can to hide a smile.

"Come on, we need to get to the Cornucopia." he says through a chuckle.

Summit Rossita: District 9

The morning mist settles over Abnegation, as I prepare to go into action.

"Clear," I whisper across the field to Antelope.  Blair and Minitel are laying there, asleep, not knowing how we're about to brutally smash their guts into that spam-meat-thingy.  So cute.

"Clear," he whispers back.  I creep up on Minitel, and rest my dagger on her forehead.  Still asleep.  I press some pressure, and a cannon alerts Blair.  She grabs Minitel's body and rushes off.

"Your turn," I whisper to Antelope.

He notches an arrow at Blair's head, and as he prepares to shoot, Blair lets out a hoarse scream.

"Karma!" she calls.  

Three alligators appear behind us, long, green, and scaly.  They get closer up to us, and Antelope shoots two of them straight in the forehead.  One lives.  It scampers up to Antelope and bites him in the leg, causing him to let out an ear-splitting scream.  I take a tooth out of his leg and stab the crocodile with it.  Antelope will be okay, and if crocodile meat is edible, we have food.  As we look back into the forest, Blair is nowhere to be seen.  Now it finally sinks in.  I killed someone.  What kind of monster am I?

Amanda Dorian: District 1

Cassius slaps me in the face.  He's already made me play games.  Now it's time for the real thing.

"Hey Cassius," someone calls.  "Am I interrupting something?"

Elena shows up with Ruby, Chase, Flint, and Cecil with her, all armed.  I quickly grab a blanket to cover myself up, but Cassius just stands out there.

"You shoot, and she's dead,"

Elena lowers her trident, and the rest do the same.

"Now go on.  We're busy."

Chase steps up.

"You guys can go, but I want in too", he says slyly, smiling at Cassius.

"Be my guest," Cassius says.

Ruby Sparkle: District 1

What the hell is Chase doing?  Did he just come here to do this?  I try to keep myself from crying.  Who the hell does he think he is?  Amanda's our friend, and he just, just...

"Go already!" Cassius says.  Elena grabs me and carries me out.

I watch.  I can't let Amanda suffer.  I'll kill them if I have to.  But was Chase, that entire time, just fake?  I can't wrap my head around it.  I could be in Amanda's situation right now.  Chase takes his shirt off, and wraps his arms around Amanda.  He beckons Cassius to come in, and he does.  All of the sudden, Chase grabs Cassius by the neck and screams.

"Run Amanda!"

Death Chart

Placing Name District Day Killed Killer Cause of Death
56th Ashley Craven 13 1 Elena Pierce Spear to Stomach
55th Drake Mordan 2 1 Starmie Riverio Trident in Chest
54th Horizon Coil 6 1 Kaiya ReStarr Knife in Head
53rd Simion Liit 7 1 Jake Lehouk Glass Cuts
52nd Gin Tonic 3 1 Adrianna Marsk Arrow in Temple
51st Jaydo Tsunami 4 1 Barianna Roscoe

Knife in Skull

50th Magenta Japhette 9 1 Matthew Charleson Mace in Heart
49th Caleb Stoll 9 1 Banjo Redwood Coal in Face
48th Banjo Redwood 11 1 Muttations Ripped Apart
47th Kronice Hayes 3 1 Muttations Eaten
46th Zack Weeks 12 1 Muttations Mauled
45th Alan DeGenari 13 1 Barianna Roscoe Pushed off Chasm
44th Vetrio Trew 13 1 Barianna Roscoe Pushed off Chasm
43rd Draken Waters 5 2 Josh Rhogan Axe in Skull
42nd Jeremy Greffish 5 2 Jeremy Greffish Suicide/Choked to Death
41st Piper Hope 10 2 Cassius Fallow Sword in Stomach
40th Zakia West 2 2 Renna Overham Throwing Knife in Heart
39th Marko Steele 6 2 Alyss Shepherd Awl in Chest
38th Tropics Pine 13 2 John Madrick Sword in Heart
37th Javan Rino 10 2 John Madrick Sword in Heart
36th John Madrick 8 2 Muttations Mauled
35th Roger Stoll 9 3 Poison Poison
34th Chase Locke 6 3 Maeve Anders Sword in Head
33rd Maeve Anders Capitol 3 Paloma Berne Choked
32nd Kaiya ReStarr 4 3 Holly Edwardson Arrow in Face
31st Maso Crix Capitol 3 Theo Clair Knife in Chest
30th Alyss Shepherd 8 3 Theo Clair Knife in Forehead
29th Starmie Riverio 4 3 Cassius Fallow Sword in Chest
28th Jake Lehouk 1 3 Elena Pierce Spear in Head
27th Zenia Meadow 11 4 Grass Choked
26th Talia Passiflora 2 4 Cassius Fallow Sword in Heart
25th Renna Overham 3 4 Barianna Roscoe Drowned/Pushed into Arrows
24th Matthew Charleson 10 4 Barianna Roscoe Drowned
23rd Minitel Drone 3 5 Summit Rossita Dagger in Forehead

Tribute Status

Tribute Location Allies Posessions In Need Of
Tile Mulki (Capitol) Amity Xenia Meadow (Partner), Zenia Meadow, Lizzy Shaw Bread, Spear, Water
Paloma Berne (Capitol) Candor Willow McNealy (Partner) Apples, Blanket, Knife, Water
Chase Eliza (1) Dauntless Ruby Sparkle, Renna Overham Soup, Strawberries, Water, Sword (x2) Medicine
Amanda Dorian (1) The Hub

Cassius Fallow, Talia Passiflora, Flint Sherwood, Elena Pierce

Bread, Water, Coat, Combat Knife, Blowgun, Darts (x12)
Ruby Sparkle (1) Dauntless Renna Overham (Partner), Chase Eliza Sword, Throwing Knives (x8), Water, Chicken Legs (x4)
Cassius Fallow (2) The Hub Flint Sherwood (Partner), Amanda Dorian, Talia Passiflora, Elena Pierce Sword, Water, Dried Fruit (x5), Matches
Talia Passiflora (2) The Hub Amanda Dorian, Cassius Fallow, Flint Sherwood, Elena Pierce Throwing Knives (x4), Spear, Sleeping Bag, Water
Renna Overham (3) Dauntless Ruby Sparkle (Partner), Chase Eliza Bread, Water, Bandages, Simion's teeth (x2), Throwing Knives (x3)
Minitel Drone (3) Abnegation Blair Wilson (Partner) Water, Blowgun, Darts (x7), Blanket Food
Flint Sherwood (4) The Hub Cassius Fallow (Partner), Amanda Dorian, Talia Passiflora, Elena Pierce Water, Bow, Arrows (x6) Dried Meat, Backpack
Cliyo Emetie (5) Erudite Maso Crix, Alyss Shepherd Water, Sword, Matches Food
Detria Glace (5) Candor Josh Rhogan Water, Spear, Bread
Adrianna Marsk (6) Dauntless Matthew Charleson (Partner) Blowgun, Darts (x6), Rope, Water, Bread Clothes
Josh Rhogan (7) Candor Detria Glace Axe (x2), Basket of Fruit, Water Water
Lizzy Shaw (7) Amity Tile Mulki, Xenia Meadow, Zenia Meadow Bow, Arrows (x9), Water, Soup
Willow McNealy (7) Candor Paloma Berne (Partner) Painkillers, Water, Bread Weapon
Theo Clair (8) Abnegation Water, Parka, Sword, Soup, Backpack, Throwing Knives (x5)
Barianna Roscoe (8) Dauntless Holly Edwardson (Partner) Water, Bread, Throwing Knives (x3) Medicine
Summit Rossita (9) Abnegation Antelope Grain (Partner) Bow, Arrows (x8), Water, Dagger, Bread
Matthew Charleson (10) Dauntless Adrianna Marsk (Partner) Water, Bread, Shield Weapon
Elena Pierce (10) The Hub Amanda Dorian, Cassius Fallow, Talia Passiflora, Flint Sherwood Spear, Combat Knife, Water, Dried Meat, Paper Fan
Antelope Grain (11) Abnegation Summit Rossita (Partner) Spear, Water, Soup, Matches, Hatchet
Xenia Meadow (11) Amity Tile Mulki (Partner), Zenia Meadow, Lizzy Shaw Soup, Water, Rope, Slingshot, Steel Ball (x15)
Zenia Meadow (11) Amity Xenia Meadow, Tile Mulki, Lizzy Shaw Knife, Water, Bread, Blowgun, Darts (x10)
Cecil Van Helsing (12) The Hub Bow, Arrows (x8), Water, Dried Meat, Crossbow
Holly Edwardson (12) Dauntless Barianna Roscoe (Partner) Bow, Arrows (x10), Water, Dried Fruit, Blanket
Blair Wilson (12) Abnegation Minitel Drone (Partner) Water, Blowgun, Darts (x8), Dried Fruit Medicine

Sponsoring Gifts

I got too lazy so I'm going to copy Ninja~Toast.

Climate & Shelter:

Blanket - $25

Coat - $25

Tent - $100

Food & Water:

Bread - $50

Canteen - $75

Dried Fruit - $50

Dried Meat - $75

Toast - $25

Spile - $125

Soup - $50

Water - $50

Potions, Medicines, Chemicals:

Antidote - $75

Burn Cream - $75

Iodine - $75

Neosporin - $75

Epic Toast (Instant Relief) - $400

Poison - $75


Arrows (12) - $50

Axe - $150

Awl - $100

Blowgun - $100

Bow - $150

Crossbow - $250

Dagger - $50

Darts (10) - 25

Hatchet - $150

Knife - $75

Kopis - $75

Mace - $150

Death Stars (8) - $100

Scythe - $150

Shuriken - $150

Sickle - $100

Slingshot - $100

Steel Ball for Slingshot (15) - $25

Trident - $250

Throwing Axes (3) - $250

Throwing Knives (3) - $150

Tomahawk - $150

Spear - $175

Sword - $175

Unactivated Explosive - $200

Wire - $25


(Empty) Backpack - $25

Fishing Hook - $25

Floatation Belt - $150

Matches - $25

Net - $50

Night-Vision Glasses - $200

Plastic - $25

Raft & Paddles - $175

Rope - $25

Seperation from Deceased Partner - $425

Wire - $25

Sponsoring Chart

Tribute Mentor Money
Renna Overham Cloveismywife $400
Cliyo Emetie ViniciusDeAssis1999 $400
Willow McNealy Thena.airice14 $400
Josh Rhogan Aniju Aura $400
Barianna Roscoe Thena.airice14 $550
Theo Clair Ninja~Toast $350
Summit Rossita AxedFox $400
Antelope Grain AxedFox $350
Xenia Meadow Ninja~Toast $475
Zenia Meadow Ninja~Toast $475
Cecil Van Helsing Aniju Aura $250

Maso Crix - Water ($50)

Josh Rhogan - Axe ($150)

Antelope Grain - Hatchet ($150)

Summit Rossita - Water, Bread, and Dagger ($150)

Theo Clair - Backpack and Six Throwing Knives ($350)

Cecil Van Helsing - Crossbow ($250)

Renna Overham - Throwing Knvies ($150)

Xenia Meadow - Slingshot and Steel Ball ($125)

Zenia Meadow - Blowgun and Darts ($125)

Barianna Roscoe - Bread ($100)

Willow McNealy - Blowgun and Darts ($100)

Cliyo Emetie - Bread ($100)

My Comments

They aren't working, so I just want to let you know that there will be an update tomorrow possibly.  Also, I killed a lot of tributes that I liked yesterday.  The pace of killing will drop down to a slower pace now, about maybe two to five people dying each day, or occasionally no deaths.  I have some big plans in store, and please give feedback on whether you like my writing! :D

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