Hey guys!  I'm going to draft tributes when I'm finished with the 2nd Alliance Games, and yes, we will have the drafting.  These Games are just like any other, except every district has a couple in it.  And yes, I will except gay/lesbian couples.  I want to do these Games because there have been quite a few marriages around my neighborhood recently, and I feel like it would be cool to write.  I too many good tributes are submitted, I may have two couples per district, but there will probably only be one victor, or possibly two if they're a couple but idk yet.

Template for Tributes

Name: (Give them a good name.  I don't want Sadafagahajakalapayataraeawa Nufuusasafitatareto)

Age: (12-18.  Not 6.  Not 20.)

Gender: (Male or Female.  Nothing Else.)

District: (Capitol, 1-13.  No 14.)

Weapons: (Don't list too many.)

Strengths: (Don't list too many.)

Weaknesses: ("None" does not qualify as an answer.)

Personality: (Doesn't have to be too detailed if it's implied in the backstory.  Mention their love interest.)

Backstory: (Have one of good length.  And there must be something unique about them.  I don't want an ordinary dude with an ordinary life.)


Token: (Optional)

You can add more if you'd like.

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