I've noticed that there have been lots of people giving away their tributes, at least four of them. What I don't get is why? They're your tributes, you created them, so why? Out of the four I've seen, only one has left involuntarily, and won't be back until December, and has his tributes out so we can remember him, and he'll be creating 96 new tributes. But they're your tributes, and your imagination. Each of our tributes has our taste to them. In fact, I could probably tell who made a tribute by looking at the template if I know them well enough, not because they're predictable, but because it's the kind of tribute you would come up with, almost as if it were a piece of art. So please, I'd recommend you keep your tributes. This is just my opinion, and if you disagree, that's fine, jjust don't be rude about it.

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