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  • ~ShimmerGlimmer~

    301st Hunger Games

    December 11, 2012 by ~ShimmerGlimmer~

    ​                                                 301st Hunger Games

    Hey guys! It's me ShimmerGlimmer. I decided to start my own Hunger Games! I really hope they are as good as Cloveismywife's and FrostSnake's Hunger Games. This is a regular games including District 13 and the Capitol.

    Here is the template


    District: (list three districts)




    Weaknesses(min. 2):

    Appearence(Lunaii if possible, otherwise I will make one and you have the describe):



    Reaped or Volunteered:

    Bloodbath Strategy:

    Strategy for the rest of the Games:

    Interview Angle:


    1 Each user will be able to submit 3 tributes

    2 It is first come First serve

    3 Don't get mad at me if/when your tribute dies

    4 Reservations last for 24 hours

    User …

    Read more >

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