​                                                 301st Hunger Games

Hey guys! It's me ShimmerGlimmer. I decided to start my own Hunger Games! I really hope they are as good as Cloveismywife's and FrostSnake's Hunger Games. This is a regular games including District 13 and the Capitol.

Here is the template


District: (list three districts)




Weaknesses(min. 2):

Appearence(Lunaii if possible, otherwise I will make one and you have the describe):



Reaped or Volunteered:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Strategy for the rest of the Games:

Interview Angle:


1 Each user will be able to submit 3 tributes

2 It is first come First serve

3 Don't get mad at me if/when your tribute dies

4 Reservations last for 24 hours

User Tribute District Age Gender Weapon
ViniciusDeAssis William Briga 1 16 Male Machete
PeaceloveGir Diamond FaDazzle 1 18 Female Sword
Mako Tiger Brisbane Vespira 2 18 Male Spear, Axe, Sword
Mrs. Finnick Odair Tristian Ryce 2 16 Female Throwing Knives
3 Male
PeaceloveGir Elli Shocking 3 15 Female Throwing Knives
4 Male
Mrs. Finnick Odair Aquamarina Tide 4 14 Female Trident, Spear
EHKnight Lucas Viridian 5 14 Male Knife, Blowgun
~Poptart~  Amala Rihand 5 ? Female Combat Knife, Shuriken


Mrs. Finnick Odair Sequin Briar 6 16 Female Spear
Mako Tiger Jordan Buhmann 7 15 Male Dagger, Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows
FrostSnake Willow Songheart 7 16 Female Mace, Throwing Knives
Reserved 8 Male
Cloveismywife Katalina "Kat" Lerner 8 18 Female Dagger
Thena.airice14 Elias Caldeu 9 14 Male Scythe
ViniciusDeAssis Fabiole Graino 9 17 Female Throwing Axes, Snares
TheAeonFlux Hope Wingman 10 ? Male Knives
EHknight Aurora Anderson 10 17 Female Bow, Dagger
11 Male
Reserved 11 Female
12 Male
Reserved  12 Female
13 Male
EHknight Sylvia Churchill 13 16 Female Knives, Bow
PeaceloveGir Elwood Oak C 14 Male Axe
Thena.airice14 Mahima Matz C 14 Female Vines and Ropes

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