Heei, i'm making a whole new Hunger Games, Everything is new like the tributes/arena and lot's more who will win?

WARNING: There will be mature scene's like nudity and kissing.

1) No swearing/fighting i allow it to your tributes.

2) No perfect Tribs, but make them good.

3) This game will take a looong while to reach so please stay seated.

There will be glory scenes and upsetting.












Allies: (6 is the max for careers)


Careers: Metallum Equitis, Amy Jasmine, Chrys Jeweler, Buck Rockwell,  Shine Emerald.

'Ugly' Alliance: Eugene "Ugly" Tuxedo (Leader), Ditzy Doo "Derpy" Hooves, Kyle Vail, Thrash Windsock.

District 7 Alliance: Trixie "Twix" Slaytor, Crayolaya Licorice.

District 3 Alliance: Finale Spectrus  Clara Lenuer, Adam Aurum.

District 9/10 Alliance: Kaylee Michara, Zach Braun.

District 12 Allaince: Leon Cavastorne, Lois Herebane.

Alone: Pinkamena Diane Pie, Violet Clareson, December Claude, Banette Tsukomogami, Olympias Athes, Miranda Willson

The Arena:

This year arena is going to be an abonded city with its skyscarpers crashing down, subways flood and zombies the arena will be hell for the tributes. The cornucopia is place in the city hall. Its mutts the most painful of all its bites contain poison that speard in your tribute system they soon die a slow painful death but there is a twist when the tribute dies it comes back as a zombie attacking it's killer or anything they can garb.

Abandoned City Matte Painting by MarcoBucci
Dystopia abandoned city abandon 2000x1351 wallpaper 5

Name Age District
Amy Jasmine 17 1
Chrys Jeweler 17 1
Shine Emerald

17 2
Metallum Equitus 15 2
Clare Lenuer 13 3
Finale Spectrus 14 3
Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 4
Adam Aurum

14 4
Ditzy Doo "Derpy" Hooves 14 5
Kyle Vail 12 5
Violet Clareson 16 6
Buck Rockwell 16 6
Trixie "Twix"  Slaytor 18 7
Crayolaya Licorice

17 7
December Claude 15 8
Banette Tsukomogami 15 8
Kaylee Michara 12 9
Eugene "Ugly" Tuxedo 18 9
Olympias Athes  15 10
Zack Braun 13 10
Miranda Willson 17 11
Thrash Windsock 12 11
Lois Herebane 17 12
Leon Cavastorne 14 12

Chariot  Rides:

Caesar Flickerman:

"Welcome capitol to the 74th Annual Hunger games! This year will be better then last years games witht he victor from 9!" I look at the city square the ligths glimmer in the night sky the crowd screaming to get a glimps of the tributes "first chariot head out" says someone in my ear peice.

District 1- Amy is wearing a nice white dress that falls to her ankles, her dress is cut to her knees her hair inn a ponytail with diamonds laid out on her red painted nails. Chrys is wearing a white suit and shoes his hair spiked and sparyed glitter all over body.

District 2- Shine is wearing a dress as a peacekeeper her hair out and cruled black flats and stockings. Metallum the career leader is also wearing a peacekeeper his hair combed to one side black boots.

District 3- The silver outfits sported by Clare and Finale tributes represent the intricate inner working of electronic devices. The silver mesh material is very shiny.

District 4- Adam and Pinkamena lived up to the name of their district with long light-blue outfits and luminous pearls which represent pearls in the sea, and also starfish.

District 5- Diltzy is wearing a dress that glows a pink lighting up the sky her hair is in a fishtail barid. Kyle is also wearing a suit that glows his tips of his hair glowing

District 6- Covered in sparkly gold sequins and spectacular moon headpieces, Buck and Violet sported far-out costumes.

District 7- Trixie and Crayolaya costumes represented paper. Their headpieces were sculpted to look like a professionally made origami.

District 8- December is wearing a pink and teal long-sleeve bubble dress. Banette is wear a pink and teal jester tunic with chiffon feathred sleeves and a pair of custom purple slacks with pink and teal side stripes.

District 9- Kaylee is wearing a dress made of beads her hair is tied up as a braid. Eugene is wearing a brown suit.

District 10- Zack and Olympias had costumes that were glitzed up in golden fringe to represent cowboys and cowgirls from their district.

District 11- Miranda is wearing a violet dress that cover her her feet. Thrash is wearing a small red suit.

District 12- Lois is wearing a long black dress black makeup. Leon is wearing all black suit with a red tie.

NOTE: Districts 3, 4, 6, 7 and 10 are form the movie.


Amy Jasmine:

Me and Chrys walk to the Training center with Shine and Metallum. We enter the room and see district 4 and 8 waiting for the other districts to come. District 5 walks in; they seem a threat as they have most sponsors. Atala starts speaking "In two weeks, 23 of you will be dead. One of you will be alive. Who that is depends on how well you pay attention over the next four days, particularly to what I'm about to say. First, no fighting with the other tributes. You'll have plenty of time for that in the Arena. There are four compulsory exercises. The rest will be individual training. My advice is don't ignore the survival skills. Everybody wants to grab a sword, but most of you will die from natural causes. 10% from infection, 20% from dehydration. Exposure can kill as easily as a knife." She then dismisses us.

All the careers huddle "so whoes going to be the career leader?" I asked "I was thinking Metallum" Buck says, we all look at Metallum "so?" Shine asked Metallum "sure" Metallum agreed. I walk to the plant ID district 9 Kaylee is there to she is so annoying with her kidish voice i give her a glare. I then walk to the spear with Adam he ditched the careers he is good a spearing no wonder he maybe speared the fish back in district 4. I see Shine playing with her golden hair. I hear screaming thats when I see Pinkamena placing a kinfe to district 5 throat "break it up" Atala shouts a herd of Peacekeepers take Pink away form Derpy. The rest of the day Pink was giving the worst death glares to Diltzy.

Name District Training score Odds
Amy 1 9 4-1
Chrys 1 10 6-1

2 8 8-1

Metallum 2 11 2-1
Clara 3 5 10-1
Finale 3 10 5-1
Pinkamena 4 11 2-1

4 6 19-1
Diltzy 5 5 20-1
Kyle 5 4 33-1

6 6 16-1
Buck 6 7 12-1
Trixie 7 4 44-1
Caryolaya 7 4 45-1
December 8 8 8-1
Banette 8 10 4-1
Kaylee 9 4 55-1
Eugene 9 5 57-1
Olympias 10 9 22-1
Zack 10 3 60-1
Miranda 11 7 33-1
Thrash 11 5 10-1

12 9 9-1

12 8 8-1

The Bloodbath.

Ceaser Flickerman:

"The count down is the most emotional for" i speak in a microphone. I watch as the tributes rise up in there black trousers brown t-shirts and a green jacket. The arena is mine favourite with its towers crumbling down. The clock reachs 10.

Leon Cavastrone

I watch the clock reach 5 I needed a plan 4. I look behind me and see a huge door war. The cornucopia was catching my eye all those weapons means life even death.




GONG! I tributes run to the cornucopia and 6 running for lifes way form the bloodbath. I race towards the bloodbath skipping the knifes I needed a pack a good one. Thats when I see Trixies dead body fall to my feet. I garb the axe she was holding I look for Lois I found her in the outskirts of the cornucopia stabbing Zack "hurry up!"  I shouted to her. We both run to the corridor of the hall "What you get?" Lois asks me "just a bag" i repiled we walk threw the long hallway to see huge doors open in the distance i can see building falling down cars rusted away. We need to get away "this way" I say I walk in the subway to see a train "look!" Lois shouted in exicement I see it had crates of food and weapons.

Metallum Equitus

I throw a sword to Mirandas chest making her fall over Thrash. Only 6 tributes had die most of them left. I see Amy beheaded Kaylee Pink garbing December by the hair then sliting her thoart we all know she hates 5 but 5 got away Pink looks pissed. I look threw crates then I hear an axe fly past me and notice it 7 boy I garb his axe and manged to cut his left foot off he left with his golden axe and a pack.BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.I look over and see Chrys finshing Thrash. "Who you kill Metallum?' Shine says "Kyle form 5" "Pink got Buck" Amy says disapponited.

"7 got away with the axe" I say "well we need hunt and kill more tributes" Shine says we all garb a pack reach and headed out of thr city hall. Smoke fills the air in the city you can hear lound bangs above you and below you some times there is a huge its water is filthy. It reachs night and we havent found anyone yet. The anthem plays the fallen shows up in the sky Kyle, Buck, Trixie, Decemeber, Kaylee, Zack and both form 11. I took a long walk before the careers found the 'Ugly' group I garb the boy form 9 "PLEASE DONT HURT ME!" he shouts I hear laughter form the rest of the careers "want me to do it?" Chrys "no i'll do it" I snarled. Eugene cried for hours before I started to chock him BOOM.

Day 2,3,4

Clara Lenuer

Finale me and Adam have been walking for 2 days only 1 person had died Crayolaya the boy from 7 we seen some dead corpse walking Finale said they were 'Zombies' I didn't really believe him. "Guys look!" Adam called us it was one of the so called zombies but it looked familar. Miranda for 11! "dont touch it" I sighed but it was to late Miranda garbed Adam by the hand and biten him. It went so fast Finale Sticking a kinfe in Miranda skull Adam cries in pain me and Finale carryed Adam to a aparment I place Adam on the bed. it's day 4 i'm watching Adam crying in pain Finale went to the small hospital down the road im stuck in a room with a zombie.

Amy Jasmine:

The Careers walk along the highway to the desert that surrounds the city "we got no water" I said breaking the slience "carp" Chrys said we all look at Chrys leg start to bleed "how you get that?" Metallum asks "something bit me" Chrys says as he points to the body. We head back to the city. We headed to the city hall and camped there. The rain started to pour down we closed the door. "Whoes going to guard?" Shine yawned "I will" I suggested we all agreed that I will guard.

Olympias Athes

BOOM I wake up by a sudden cannon I garb my packback with my bow and arrows in it. I was in the gas stop I killed one of the zombies I wasted to much arrows I only got 5 left. I put my packback over my head and raced to the subway. It was flooded but it only reached my knees I climb on top of the train thats when I hear the boy form 12 call for Lois I aim for Lois chest the arrow laned next to her CRAAACK the top of the subway carved in water raging I was lucky that the it only reach the train level BOOM. I'm pretty sure both of them dead but i only herd one 1 cannon maybe one went off when the subway flooded.

Day 5

Banette Tsukomogam:

"Attenion ributes there will be a feast today at dawn" It was only miday I needed to get ready I garbed one of my knives and headed to the city hall I wanted to be here first I see that careers hiding in the bushs waiting to kill anything that steps near the table of food, weapons, medicne and many other stuff. I see Pink race to and garb a sack and fill it with foods and weapons I can see she was stuggling. There were only few stuff left about 3 tributes race thats when the careers struck Shine garbing Clara hair Shine didn't last long before the an arrow met her eye. BOOM BOOM. 2 more tributes died.

Name District Killer How they died Time of death
Trixie 7 Banette Kinfe to the eye 00:00:22
Zack 5 Metallum Strangled 00:00:30
Kaylee 9 Amy Beheaded 00:04:44
Miranda 11 Metallum Sword to chest 00:10:55
December 8 Pink Neck slit 00:10:57
Kyle 5 Olympias Arrow to neck 00:10:59
Buck 6 Pink Tortured 00:11:00
Thrash 11 Chrys Brains stomped 00:11:10
Eugene 9 Metallum Chocked 5:16:45
Crayolaya 7 Himself Bloodloss 48:44:33
Adam 4 Zombie Infected 96:10:3
Leon 12 Flood Drowned 144:50:40
Shine 2 Finale Arrow in the eye 168:55:22
Violet 6 Chrys Sword to neck 168:58:33
Lois 12 Metallum Neck snap 169:1:6

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