Heey I'm making this if Katniss never voulnteered for Prim and Prim wins 

(25 Years after Prim Won)

1) No swearing/fighting i allow it to your tributes.

2) No perfect Tribs, but make them good.

3) This game will be glory so if you hate blood this wont be for you.

4) 4 tributes only!






Apperance (Luanii, Write or real life picture will be fine):



Le Tributes

District and Gender Name: Age: Weapon: Place Of Death
District 1 Female Satin Silver Clos 18 Sword, Axe, Spear, Dagger
District 1 Male Bronze Lucrian 17 Spear, Kukri
District 1 Female Savera Hayes 16 Blowie gun, Bow and arrow
District 1 Male Blaze Sapphire 18 Sword, Knife, Bow
District 2 Female Tarin Ailla Brandt 16 Sword, Throwing Knifes, Combat knife, Spear.
District 2 Male Nathaniel Chirp 18 Sword, Bow, Axe, Knife
District 2 Female Cleo Davis 16 Throwing Knife
District 2 Female Katherine Marble 18 Knives, Sword, Crossbow, Spear
District 3 Female Lexi Greenway 14 Bow and arrows, Mace, Throwing Knifes
District 3 Male Jeremiah Glacier 15 Crossbow, intelligence
District 3 Female Brittany Glacier 12 Blowgun with darts
District 3 Male Lyno Nactuna 15 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows, Snares.
District 4 Female Atla Gillson 17 Trident
District 4 Male Ryan Tunak 16 Trident, Sword, Machete
District 4 Female Nymph Meré 18 Throwing axe, Poison
District 4 Male Kalmah XXIV 17 Trident and Throwing Knives
District 5 Female Bone Corlaya 13 Teeth, Razor Blade, Knifes
District 5 Male Crimson Typhoon 14 Bow and arrow, Throwing knifes
District 5 Female Beemo Xra 14 Traps, Spear
District 5 Male Lance Ampere 16 Throwing knives, Close combat
District 6 Female Kiara Brazette 16 Spear and Blowgun
District 6 Male Mors Voluntaria 16 Dagger, Throwing Knife, Noose, Garrote
District 6 Female Saadia Gaena 12 Knives, Spear
District 6 Male Konami Aretino 14 Fangs, Trident, Strength and Crossbow
District 7 Female Joan Mason 15 Throwing Axe
District 7 Male Blaye Gren 17 Knife, Snare
District 7 Female Rowan Amber Lindell 17 Axe, Daggers
District 7 Male Evan Turner 16 Axe, Throwing Knifes.
District 8 Female Blur Ruth-Lee 16 Blowgun, Spear
District 8 Male Banette Tsukomogami 15 Trap, Needle, Knife
District 8 Female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun, kama
District 8 Male Indigo Rankine 13 Sword and slingshot
District 9 Female Rosette Lilth 15 Traps and Strength
District 9 Male Colin Sun 13 Fists and Sword
District 9 Female Rebekah Ure 12 (Turns 13 on day 3) Hands, Blowgun, Teeth
District 9 Male Carter Sun 13 Poison and traps
District 10 Female Reapress Misaki 14 scythes, Throwing axes, Throwing Knifes
District 10 Male Star Sunkin 14 BlowGun, Bow and arrow
District 10 Female Luna Sunkin 15 Spear, throwing knifes
District 10 Male Henry Punch 15 Fists
District 11 Female Amber Phillips 17 Spear, Axe and Slingshot
District 11 Male Trent "Waldo" Williams 14 Spear, Throwing Knifes, Blowgun
District 11 Female Leona Soleil 16 Swords, shield

District 11 Male

Taytus Crem 16 Sling shot
District 12 Female Cinder Marsh 18 Throwing knives, Baton
District 12 Male Tails Power 12 Throwing Knifes, Sword
District 12 Female Some Ugly Girl With Ugly Teeth 13 Nothing Weak 1000000-1
  • District 12 Male: Falk Avian        13                  Bow and arrows


Keys: BOLD: Leader of the group, Italic Co Leader,  C rossed out: Dead

Careers: Nathaniel Chirp (2), Satin Sliver Clos (1), Savera Hayes (1),Atla Gillson (4), Katherine Marble (2), Blaze Sapphire (1), Tarin Ailla Brandt (2), Bronze Lucrian, Cinder Marsh(12),

Anti Careers:  Evan Turner (7), Tails Power (12), Mors Voluntaria (6), Beemo Xra (5), Lyno Nactuna (3), Amber Phillips(11), Kiara Brazett(6), Bone Corlay(5)

Sunkin Alliance: Star Sunkin (10), Luna Sunkin (10).

Glacier AllIiance: Brittany Glacier (3), Jeremiah Glacier (3).

District 3 and 11 Alliance: Trent "Waldo" Williams (11) Lexi Greenway (3)

District 9, 8, 10 and 6 Alliance: Falk Avian (12), Rebekah Ure(9), Banette Tsukomogam(8),  Konami Aretino(6)

District 8 and 12 Alliance: Lulu Glades (8), Leona Soleli (12).

Loners: Hannibal Gorgoroth(11), Kalmah XXIV (4), Blaye Gren (7), Rowan Amber Lindell (7), Henry Punch (10), Nymph Meré(4), Rosette Lilt(9), Blur Ruth-Le(8),  Lance Ampere(5).

Training Scores

Name: District: Score
Satin Silver Clos 1 11
Bronze Lucrian 1 10
Savera Hayes 1 9
Blaze Sapphire 1 10
Tarin Ailla Brandt 2 11
Nathaniel Chirp 2 10
Cleo Davis 2 7
Katherine Marble 2 9
Lexi Greenway 3 5
Jeremiah Glacier 3 8
Brittany Glacier 3 6
Lyno Nactuna 3 7
Atla Gillson 4 9
Ryan Tunak 4 9
Nymph Meré 4 11
Kalmah XXIV 4 10
Bone Corlaya 5 9
Crimson Typhoon 5 7
Beemo Xra 5 9
Lance Ampere 5 6
Kiara Brazette 6 9
Mors Voluntaria 6 10
Saadia Gaena 6 8
Konami Aretino 6 6
Joan Mason 7 9
Blaye Gren 7 4
Rowan Amber Lindell 7 9
Evan Turner 7 11
Blur Ruth-Lee 8 7
Banette Tsukomogami 8 11
Lulu Glades 8 10
Indigo Rankine 8 7
Rosette Lilth 9 9
Colin Sun 9 3
Rebekah Ure 9 6
Carter Sun 9 5
Reapress Misaki 10 9
Star Sunkin 10 6
Luna Sunkin 10 6
Henry Punch 10 11
Amber Phillips 11 5
Trent "Waldo" Williams 11 4
Leona Soleil 11 9
Taytus Crem 11 10
Cinder Marsh 12 9
Tails Power 12 7
Some Ugly Girl With Ugly Teeth 12 -11
Falk Avian 12 8

The Arena!!!

99th Arena 1out3
99th Arena 2out3
99th Arena 3out3
The Arena will be set in a forest/Moutain range including a huge ravine with the last water source.

There will be 2 cornucopia 24 podiums on each cornucopia this means two grusome bloodbaths.

There are only 3 water sources one between the cornucopias another one in the huge ravine and the last one around the forest

The Days can reach 100 F and 37 C The nights 40 F and 4 C.


Hawk Mutts have huge nests attacks form the air grabbing its prey with its claws.

Snake Mutt can eat up to 3 people at once venom spit some can squeeze you to death.

Moose's Mutt fast Runner eat people vicously

Bear Mutt: do I need to explain?

Yetti Mutt lives on top of the moutian you cant hide form him but he can't exuct the snowy part

The Clothing

All the girls top ate blue and the boys are black

The Jacket is the same for both genders but different form districts same in the first movie kk



The Bloodbath

Joan Manson -7-

I stand firmly in the launch room waiting to head in the tube. I slip on the boots my Stylist Flo-Flo "you ready?" Flo Flo said fighting back tears "yes" I sighed knowing I might die all I can think of is my grandam Johanna Manson "this is for you Ma" I whispered. "10 seconds till launch"the women said. I walk in the glass tube I watch as Flo Flo broke down in tears as I lifted up. First I saw was light maybe the sun then the golden cornucopia came following the birds chirping the warm wind then the a other cornucopia I didn't understan why were there two cornucopias. My plan was to risk my life and garb my axe without I'm weak. I look around staring at the tribute which will end my life.











"Let the ninety nifth annual hunger games begin!" The Host says.


Savera Hayes -1-

I leap of my poduim and head straight to the bow and arrows. I was one of the first ones to reach it to the cornucopia. I load my arrows and look for a kill I smile as I saw Evan Turner(7) I release the arrow that's when Mors jumped in front of Evan making the arrow pierce Mors skull “well at least it was a kill" I sighed. I hear Evan scream as Mors dead body fell on top of Evan. I walked in the Cornucopia I looked for some tributes to make sure there wasn't any hiders. Thats when I saw Lexi holding a knife I load my bow again and aimed it at Lexi eye I let my finger off  and watched it fly threw Lexi's skull. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

Rebekah Ure -9-

"12 dead" I mumble as my alliance walked in the forest "can we stop" I said looking at the rock "sure" Banette said . The whole group sat down "so whats the plan?" Falk said "well we look for water sources" Banette said we all nodded in agreement. As we walked in the forest a loud bang happened it echoed throwout the arena then A girl screaming followed with a cannon "what the fuck!" Konami said looking around "guys we should look for a cave" I suggested "okay" Banette said. We found a cave for the night I was in guard I sigh as I sat there and watched the anthem.

Name: District: Killer: Death: Day:
Some Girl WIth Ugly Teeth 12 Unknown Unknown BB
Mors Voultaria 6 Savera Hayes Arrow to Eye BB
Carter Sun 9 Joan Manson Beheaded BB
Lexi Greenway 3 Savera Hayes Arrow to the eye BB
Cinder Marsh 12 Tails Power Sword to chest BB
Blaye Gren 7 Nathinal Chirp Neck slit BB
Rosette Lilth 9 Satin Silver Clos Strangled BB
Coiln Sun 9 Atla Gillson Trident to chest BB
Bronze Lucrian 1 Bone Corlaya Loss Of Blood BB
Taytus Crem 11 Satin Silver Clos Spear to Neck BB
Trent Williams 11 Joan Manson Axe to Chest


Name: District Killer Day
Joan Manson 7 Bear 1

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