Hai guys its glitter here hope you enjoy these games i made :D May The Odds Be Ever In Your Powers I'll be doing chariot rides training/private interviews the games and the victors life after.

Intro: 20 years after Katniss won there was a radiative explosion in district 5 killing half population of panem and destroying the Capitol. Many year later panem came back in action the capitol even more stronger with robots more peacekeepers with powers dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun the districts started to grow the powers to there are lists will there be another katniss.

Powers: Super-strength Speed Durability Healing

Swimming/water-Breathing Flight

Basic elements (fire, water and/or ice, earth, wind) Electricity Light Darkness and/or shadows Gravity Magnetic forces Radiation Energy Sound Nature


Telekinesis (moving objects mentally) Telepathy (reading minds) Mind-to-mind communication Mind-control

Acid/poison Controlling plants and/or animals Shapeshifting (animals) Shapeshifting (people)

Elasticity Growth/shrinking Invisibility Luck manipulation (good luck for hero and/or bad luck for enemies) Illusions

Tribute templet








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