The games are back on!!!!!


1) No fighting or cussing.

2) No getting upset when your tribute dies.

3) No perfect tributes, please no

                                                                The twist

As you can read the title, its about 4 season summer,winter,fall and spring. The arena will be a lush forest with tall moutains.

Winter: Winter will start the games with its snowy days colder nights, food and water will be hard to find.

Summer: Summer will cause droughts wildfires and killing off food and killing tributes faster.

Fall: I like this one, the mutts will come out dead trees and pumpkins will be easy to find.

Spring: Its posion air and eating plants will be hard for the tirbutes.

Mutts: There will be wolf mutts, snake mutts, plant mutts and dead tributes that died.


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