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Finally McFinnegan! Copying this straight off of Facebook for FastFoodKnight.

Aiden McFinnegan

Name: Aiden McFinnegan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 3

Appearance: (picture included)

Personality: He's very un-trusting of people. It takes a while for him to earn a person's trust, but he knows that is necessary for him to make allies at the games. He tends to be very quiet, never having too much to say. Though he is not shy. Aiden simply chooses not to talk to people unless necessary.Over the years Aiden has learned to keep his temper in check because yelling doesn't solve anything. He is also very responsible and knows how to ration his supplies. Aiden is extremely intelligent and can adapt quickly in difficult situations. He's kind, loyal, and fair towards those he deems worthy.

History: Aiden's mother (Tara McFinnegan) past away 4 days after Aiden's 17th birthday, leaving behind Aiden and her 8 month old daughter Kira. Aiden has been taking care of Kira by himself for the better part of a year when he is chosen during the reaping (kira has been left with a friend of his mother's for the duration of the hunger games). In addition to taking care of his younger sister (and his mother when she was still alive) Aiden works as an engineer. Before his mother passed, Aiden spent most of his free time taking apart and rebuilding the various machines that littered his home. He was also fond of anything he could do out-doors (running, jumping, climbing, etc).

Reaction to the reaping: Initially Aiden is shocked, having only 25 slips bearing his name... the odds truly were in his favor. He doesn't show any outward emotion until he must say good bye to his friends and family. Even then he only cry's when he holds Kira in his arms for the last time.

Token from district: One of his sisters blue hair ribbons.

Strengths: He is very good with his hands (especially with electronics), He is quick on his feet, a fast runner, good climber, great with long distance weapons, and good with snares and traps

Weaknesses: He has no sense of direction, he can not swim, he isn't very stealthy (makes about as much noise as an injured elk) he is not a morning person (slow to rise) and he isn't very good with hand to hand combat.

Fears: Large pools of water (deep water), snakes.

Choice of Weapon: Sling shot, bow and arrow, anything electronic.

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