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Greetings, Aaronmalik!
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hi!!!! i saw your post saying thank you for being eager and i want to thank youfor starting these games

its my first one ive ever been in and i love it so you have inspired me to try other games and its a blast so thank you

and im sorry if i post to much on your 73rd hunger games blog and rush you too much but its just so exciting





10hi its ggamen

hi i have a game called 103RD HUNGER GAMES PLZ HELP sorry i do not accept on my profiles so plz make a trib on there because i bet your tribs are great!

its me

hi aaronmalik its me ggamen....i had to make a new character lol so ya here i am all brand new and stuff :)

dear ggamen whats your new name??????


please check: The NEW Games

thank u :) :)

Manner me456 (talk) 02:32, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

Join My games

hello, can you sign up in my games?

heyy aaronmalik

for some reason i cant post the interivews so here they are

Jaspers interview (mum was quiet and the rest family talk

Interviewer : how do you feel about jasper in these games?

Dad: proud he will bring pride to our district and fame to our family

Interview : how would you compare jaspers with the final 8 ?

Dad:he's at number one and will win ,

Sister : jasper I know you are gonna win and if not ill win for you !


Star interview (with family)

Interview : what would it mean to have star win ?

Family:everything and she will win , she is a strong girl and has been in training since she could walk Interview : how do you feel about the career alliance ?

Family: its ok but don't get to close to them (sister adds : don't trust them nasty toads

Interview : a final message for star ?

Mum:everybody in District 2 is proud and you will be the next big thing !

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